Conventa is re-launching its original education platform – Conventa Academy and inviting leading thinkers in marketing and event organisation to join the programme.

From April to August 2022, select meetings industry experts will share their knowledge and practical tips on an array of different topics, from branding, digital marketing and social media to organising hybrid events and understanding the metaverse. There will be two education tracks available, one focused on destination marketing and the other on events. Each track will feature 4 online modules and conclude with a half-day live bootcamp, where attendees will finish their education and receive a certificate of acquired knowledge. As the last module, the bootcamp will be dedicated to testing out the participants’ destination, marketing & event prototypes. The modules are aimed at all creators and co-creators of all types of experiences, as well as representatives of congress destinations and anyone involved in marketing in the meetings industry.


Conventa Academy is a comprehensive education platform focused on the things that matter in the meetings industry. The organisers have designed the programme around three building blocks; engagement, co-creation and interaction. Given the practical nature of the programme, attendees will be able to put theory into practice straight away and apply the obtained skills to everyday challenges when organising events or marketing destinations.

The educational programme will be curated by Gorazd ČAD, Owner & CEO of Toleranca Marketing, Ivo J. FRANSCHITZ, Owner & Managing Director of ENITED Business Events and Kim MYHRE, Founder and Managing Partner of Experience Designed. The goal of the curators is in line with a pearl of old wisdom by Socrates: “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”

Co-creation being the foundation of the project, attendees will be able to create their ideal programme and combine modules from both education tracks.


DESTINATION MODULES are aimed at representatives of destinations and anyone involved in marketing in the meetings industry. Anyone who would like to upgrade their marketing knowledge is also welcome to attend.

Andrej Pompe


Tuesday, 12 April 2022
Like people, destinations have their personality, represented by the brand. With a brand, we create expectations and promise experiences. In the first module of this education track, attendees will learn from Andrej Pompe, CEO of BrandBusinessSchool, who will explain how to apply branding concepts to destination goals and position the destination post-covid.

Andraž Štalec


Tuesday, 3 May 2022
Today, creating opportunities and inspiring people is mainly done on digital platforms. They are hungry for good content, which can only be created if we know our customers well. Andraž Štalec, CEO and co-founder of Red Orbit will explain what drives digital marketing in the 21st century and share trends for 2022.

Sabrina Meyers


Tuesday, 24 May 2022
Social networks are the best amplifiers of your story and authentic stories are the backbone of marketing. In this module, attendees will learn a range of practical tips and tactics to navigate the most popular social networks. Sabrina Meyers, Founder of Hot Hospitality Exchange will show you how to broaden your reach through community building strategies and become a meetings industry social media influencer.

Henrik von Arnold

4. XP

Tuesday, 28 June 2022
The coronacrisis has turned our buying habits upside down and many customer activation models are now digitalised. In the fourth module, Henrik von Arnold, Senior Consultant at ENITED will answer the question: what works in experience marketing and why. He will also dive into bidding/pitching for new projects and how to see it as a process, not a document. Attendees will learn about the psychology of engagement and how to use experiential activations like fam trips as a powerful tool to bring a destination’s story to life.


EVENT MODULES are aimed at all creators and co-creators of all types of experiences

Jens Oliver Mayer


Tuesday, 26 April 2022
Genuine human contact is irreplaceable. You wouldn’t build a house without an architect, and the same goes for organising events. The first module in this education track will be dedicated to event architecture and design, as well as thinking outside the box. Jens Oliver Mayer, Managing Director of Jack Morton Worldwide will show you how to organise successful face2face events that future generations and your clients will be proud of.

Stefan Kozak


Tuesday, 10 May 2022
Organising digital events is often more challenging than live events. In this module, attendees will learn about video-conferencing platforms, live streaming, monetisation and everything else that belongs in the toolbox of top organisers. Stefan Kozak, CEO of CREATIVE PRO will share his thoughts on managing the expectations of clients and participants at EVENTS 3.0 happening after the COVID pandemic.

Colja Dams


Tuesday, 14 June 2022
How do you make the online audience at your event as satisfied as the live audience? Colja Dams, CEO of VOK DAMS will reveal how the best agencies are doing it, showcase innovations and explain why hybrid events are the future. By joining the third module, attendees will learn how to choose the right hybrid event model and bridge the gap between online and live audiences.

Marie-Kristin Schwindt


Tuesday, 12 July 2022
In this module, Marie-Kristin Schwindt from meetyoo will take you into the future of the industry, clarify the types of virtual events and show several examples of best practices in virtual and meta-worlds. Attendees will learn how to avoid virtual zombies, understand the technology behind virtual events, see what avatars look like and what NFTs are.


If you agree that learning is a never-ending process, you should join the Conventa Academy, which starts on 12 April 2022.


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