Photo Credit: CrowdComms

CrowdComms has added an innovative new video-on-demand streaming service to its event platform. Designed to provide a high-quality experience for attendees when accessing video content before, during and after an event, this new feature promotes greater engagement in session and video content through the functionality and familiarity of consumer video streaming services.

Event organisers are able to choose from two distinct video library displays that allow specific video content to be organised and featured as required, depending on the size of the event, the amount of content available for attendees and how video content needs to be categorised. As attendees interact with the content through views and likes, this is reflected in video thumbnails, highlighting popularity and promoting discussion.

Will Custard, Product Director at CrowdComms commented: “This is a really exciting new addition to the CrowdComms platform. The enhanced video functionality will provide our clients with an elegant, responsive and highly organised way to display on-demand video content for their event attendees to access throughout the life of their event.”

“Having delivered millions of hours of live event content over the last two years, we can see how this new on-demand streaming service will add a whole new level of intuitive navigation to events.”


“As organisers are increasingly thinking of new ways to engage and enhance the user experience, particularly for virtual events, this functionality will help events develop a long-lasting legacy.”

To find out more about the new video-on-demand streaming service and to request a demo, please get in touch via the CrowdComms website:

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