Photo Credit: Global Tourism Forum

The Global Tourism Forum or GTF is World Tourism Forum Institute’s premier flagship, an international collaboration platform focused on addressing the challenges for the travel industry. Through this event we at WTFI want to be at the forefront of this revolution, presenting new options to a new generation of travellers, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, with an alternative way to purchase travel and all opportunities with the blockchain revolution.

Today’s Digital nomads are moving to crypto where they can earn high yield passive income easily and securely. Nearly 35 million people worldwide consider themselves digital nomads and around 16% of them possess crypto assets. With more people holding cryptocurrencies and more businesses, destinations bracing and accepting it for real-world things, travel is naturally a desirable experience to use crypto.

The tourism sector expects blockchain to reshape the industry and has started using the technology behind the crypto fever, to change the way their data is stored, used, and secured. Blockchain is proving exactly that potential in and changing the travel industry’s status quo by playing a major role in keeping the network secure, protected, and trusted.

To highlight this advantage during the event, which will be a ‘signature bridge event” between the cryptocurrency world and the travel and tourism industry, several high profile speakers, influencers will be attending from both ecosystems. In addition, the sale of tickets priced with symbolic figures will be opened for sale with cryptocurrency using Ariva.Finance payment getaway on Ariva, GTF and WTFI websites for guests who want to participate in the forum apart from the invitees.

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