Kongres Magazine’s editorial board has gathered the winning and shortlisted projects of the BEA World Competition. Being placed among the best is an accomplishment that serves as positive encouragement for the entire industry in current times.

Bea World is an initiative that recognises and promotes excellence in events and live communication across the whole world and takes place in the context of Bea World – The International Festival of Events and Live Communication. Created in 2006 to foster and advance the importance of events in the marketing plans of large and smaller corporations, the Best Event Awards have helped agencies from 40 countries in finding inspiration and new ideas for their events, and are now acknowledged as the main and most challenging international industry recognition.


The car industry collapsed during the pandemic period. No potential client could visit the car dealers due to the mobility restrictions. The main objective was to recreate a BMW & Mini 3d environment in which the potential client could have a similar experience as when to visit a dealer or an exhibition stand of the brand at the car fairs. The client was able to choose first of all the brand he or she was interested in, once chosen client was transported to a virtual totally branded experience in which he or she could visualise the different models and personalise them (exterior & interior), be in direct contact with the experts of the brand and even buy in case they considered. Presentations of the models were given via streaming tools. It has been the first time on a global level a car manufacturer made a virtual fair with these characteristics. An immersive brand experience for the users by the hand of our virtual assistant “Lucas” guiding them around in this high tech world.

A team of more than 15 programmers of different specialities had to work side by side to make sure this virtual fair could see the daylight, especially due to the complexity of the different programming languages combined with UNITY, a combination never been done before for a virtual car fair (especially due to the fact it had to work on phones). An extra challenge was implementing the existing sales and communication tools of the client into the platform.

The BMW & Mini virtual fair is a clear example of a digital transformation of the sales divisions of both brands. They had to step out of their comfort zone and face a new digital way of selling their products. A virtual world was to face the client in a different way. A lot of training was set up before the fair to make sure all sales staff were prepared for this huge change in the way to reach the consumer and how to approach this digital transformation. Also, consumers had to adapt to this new digital way of visualizing the products and the approach of the sales staff. Looking into the results and effectiveness of the digital transformation of the sales structure through this event/fair was a real success.

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Name of the event: Virtual Fair BMW & MINI
Date: 17th to 27th November 2020
Location: Virtual World
Organizer: beon.Worldwide
Client: BMW Group Iberia
Event type: Virtual Fair


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