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Ljubljana features more than 50 special venues suitable for hosting seminars, educational programmes, congresses and team buildings. They have proven to be excellent locations for hosting a plethora of events, and their prominence among meeting planners is perpetually increasing.


There are several types of special venues in Ljubljana. Below, we have listed some of the most prominent categories if you decide to organise your next event in Slovenia’s capital.

Ljubljana offers special venues tailored to any meeting planner’s needs:


Special Venues: Cukrarna

Since it has opened its doors, the renovated former sugar factory Cukrarna, a remarkable space for the production and presentation of contemporary art, has become a star among Ljubljana’s special venues. The venue’s main aim is to become a new regional cultural hub.

Photo Credit: Cukrarna


Special Venues: Ljubljana Castle

The medieval Ljubljana Castle has served many different purposes in the past – it was first a fortress, then residence to the provincial governor, a barracks and even a prison. The castle has become a major tourist attraction and city landmark.

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Photo Credit: Ljubljana Tourism Photo Library


Special Venues: Old Power Station Ljubljana

The Ljubljana city power station, a magnificent technical monument, is one of the rare examples of industrial architecture preserved in Slovenia. Today, the building is a protected cultural, technical and historical monument.

Photo Credit: Old Power Station Ljubljana


Special Venues: Ljubljana Botanical Garden

Established in 1810, the Ljubljana Botanical Garden is Slovenia’s oldest cultural, scientific and educational institution operating uninterruptedly since its foundation. The Garden contains more than 4,500 different species and subspecies.

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Special Venues: Boat Ljubljanica

Meeting planners have become enchanted by the ambience oozed by Boat Ljubljanica, which presents a great opportunity for impressing event attendees.

Photo Credit: Boat Ljubljanica


Special Venues: Broken Bones Distillery

Broken Bones is a craft distillery that aims to produce spirits of the highest quality, designed to convince with powerful, complex and surprising, yet dangerously smooth, taste profiles and aromas, carefully developed by the distillers.

Photo Credit: Broken Bones


Special Venues: Castle Vineyard Ljubljana

One of the most exclusive experiences in Ljubljana is indulging in top-quality culinary pampering and appropriate wine accompaniment in the magical Castle Vineyard that stretches on the southern slope of Castle Hill.

Photo Credit: Matic Kremžar


Special Venues: Russian Dacha

The Russian Dacha on the outskirts of Ljubljana changed quite a few owners throughout the years. Now, it has found one who wanted to show the heritage of a Russian-styled house to a wider audience. The sole purpose of building the dacha was to restore the legacy, both inside and outside, bringing the guests back to the early 20th century.

Special Venues: Museum of Modern Art (Moderna galerija)

Museum of Modern Art (Moderna galerija) in Ljubljana is a national museum that works, in accordance with its mission, in the fields of modern and contemporary art. It was founded in 1947 as a museum of modern art.

Special Venues: Greenhouse Ljubljana

An event held by Jameson Family & Friends event and education was dedicated to all the business partners of Pernod Ricard Slovenia, where they could get to know the entire Jameson family of Irish whiskey in a unique venue – Greenhouse Ljubljana, an extraordinary pop-up venue.

Special Venues: Ljubljana Castle

The medieval Ljubljana Castle has served many different purposes in the past – it was first a fortress, then residence to the provincial governor, a barracks and even a prison. In newer times, we can add to its many roles that of a major tourist attraction and city landmark.

Special Venues: Railway Museum

At the end of a 15-minute stroll from Ljubljana’s Old Town, one can find an astounding industrial building that is today home to the Railway Museum. Formerly serving as the mechanical workshop for steam trains, the building is home to an amazing collection of steam trains.

Special Venues: Stožice Sports Centre

The Stožice Centre, inaugurated in August 2010, is a hybrid 182,000 sqm sports complex including a football stadium with 16,038 seats and the multifunctional Stožice Arena, which has a seating capacity for 12,484 visitors. They could be personified as a perfect couple offering a balanced interaction between sports and culture.

Special Venues: Triglav LAB

Zavarovalnica Triglav, a Slovenian insurance company, has recently opened Triglav LAB, an outlandish venue suitable for hosting diverse events. For incentives or just for fun, the attendees can, in addition, use a provided driving simulator, ski-jump simulator, and even an earthquake simulator.

Special Venues: Diners CUBO Golf Course Ljubljana

Diners CUBO golf course Ljubljana is situated within reach of Ljubljana and presents an ideal location for prestigious sports, business and social events. The course with a view of the Alps is well known for its balanced combination of dynamic clearings, sand traps and huge green parklands.

Special Venues: The Švicarija Creative Centre

The Švicarija Creative Centre was established on the initiative of the Municipality of Ljubljana in 2017 after a thorough renovation of the building was completed. Originally, Švicarija was a wooden guesthouse opened in 1835 that soon became a popular excursion point for the residents and visitors of Ljubljana.

Special Venues: Nebotičnik Skyscraper

Dating from the 1930s, the then first skyscraper in Ljubljana, which now displays a fusion of the old architecture and new aesthetics, has been a meeting place for generations of Ljubljana residents and visitors alike. For a few years, it has come back to life with renewed content and a fresh approach to creating a flexible venue for multiple generations and a variety of occasions.

To find a special venue tailored to your needs, you can search through various criteria. There are 15 categories ranging from historical and cultural venues to picnic and pop-up venues.

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