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Gorazd, can you recommend a cool event location? It should be out of the ordinary and unknown to the competition. It should be authentic, offering world-class cuisine and a photogenic spot for taking photos. Oh, and we would like to drive to the venue by car.

Such questions prompted us to start collecting data about the best regional special venues years ago. Up to now, we have gathered and edited more than 700 special venues from 18 countries. You can search our selection of venues with the help of our search engine – FIND SPECIAL VENUES


Did you know Slovenia boasts 182 special venues?

Our list features an astounding 182 Slovenian special venues suitable for hosting seminars, educational programmes, congresses, and team buildings. Moreover, they have proven to be excellent locations for hosting weddings, birthdays, picnics, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Special venues have become the most searched word in Kongres Magazine’s communication system. That is why we created a list of the most searched venues by local and international event organisers in 2021.

Special Venues: Russian Dacha

The Russian Dacha on the outskirts of Ljubljana changed quite a few owners throughout the years. Now, it has found one who wanted to show the heritage of a Russian-styled house to a wider audience. The sole purpose of building the dacha was to restore the legacy, both inside and outside, bringing the guests back to the early 20th century.

Special Venues: Edvard, a trendy pop-up spot

Newly open on Igriška 5, in the centre of it all, but still, in a peaceful street and amidst the centre’s greenery, Edvard is set on the ground floor of a building protected as a monument of cultural value. Edvard charms with its trendy and modern approach to event organisation with an emphasis on pop-up events.

Special Venues: Museum of Modern Art (Moderna galerija)

Museum of Modern Art (Moderna galerija) in Ljubljana is a national museum that works, in accordance with its mission, in the fields of modern and contemporary art. It was founded in 1947 as a museum of modern art.

Special Venues: Vila Vipolže

Vila Vipolže tells a story in the heart of the Slavic, Germanic and Romanic worlds. The identity of the Brda region, a land of invigorating moments, has been carved by both international winds and homeland soil. The exceptional Venetian architecture gives a feeling of festivity and an academic touch.

Special Venues: Vinag Wine Cellar

The Vinag wine cellar offers an unforgettable atmosphere and a chance for you to explore the area while learning about the magic of wine drinking and tasting some local specialities. The cellar warmly welcomes every guest with a tasting of three different types of wine.

Special Venues: Zemono Mansion

Gostilna pri Lojzetu alias Zemono Mansion can be hired out for catering, with some of the past catering jobs being for weddings on desolate islands, parties deep in the forest, galas, or more intimate events, just for friends and family.

Special Venues: Old Vine House Maribor

Situated near the Drava river, this 16-century house with a vine facade is within walking distance from the city centre and is also reachable by car. It has become one of the city’s main attractions. After all, it is the home to the 400-year-old vine, called “žametna črnina” (Blue Franconian).

Special Venues: Greenhouse Ljubljana

An event held by Jameson Family & Friends event and education was dedicated to all the business partners of Pernod Ricard Slovenia, where they could get to know the entire Jameson family of Irish whiskey in a unique venue – Greenhouse Ljubljana, an extraordinary pop-up venue.

Special Venues: Ljubljana Castle

The medieval Ljubljana Castle has served many different purposes in the past – it was first a fortress, then residence to the provincial governor, a barracks and even a prison. In newer times, we can add to its many roles that of a major tourist attraction and city landmark.

Special Venues: Triglav LAB

Zavarovalnica Triglav, a Slovenian insurance company, has recently opened Triglav LAB, an outlandish venue suitable for hosting diverse events. For incentives or just for fun, the attendees can, in addition, use a provided driving simulator, ski-jump simulator, and even an earthquake simulator.

Special Venues: Dveri-Pax Estate

The Benedictine Dveri Pax – one of the most modern wine cellars in Slovenia – stores 50,000 (out of a total of 300,000) litres of wine in oak barrels. Located in Maribor’s vicinity, the Dveri-Pax Wine Cellar continues an 800-year tradition of Benedictine winemaking.

Special Venues: Railway Museum

At the end of a 15-minute stroll from Ljubljana’s Old Town, one can find an astounding industrial building that is today home to the Railway Museum. Formerly serving as the mechanical workshop for steam trains, the building is home to an amazing collection of steam trains.

Special Venues: The Ferrari Garden

The owner of one of the most mesmerising venues in Slovenian Karst was Enrico Ferrari, a doctor from Trieste and Max Fabiani’s nephew. The transformation from a farm homestead into a villa was a conceptual innovation in European architecture.

Special Venues: Center Noordung

Herman Potočnik – Noordung – Center of Space Technologies is located at the strategic location in Vitanje. The architectural design of the centre comes from a geostationary space station, a residential bicycle, described in 1928 in the book of Herman Potočnik Noordung.

Special Venues: Diners CUBO Golf Course Ljubljana

Diners CUBO golf course Ljubljana is situated within reach of Ljubljana and presents an ideal location for prestigious sports, business and social events. The course with a view of the Alps is well known for its balanced combination of dynamic clearings, sand traps and huge green parklands.

Special Venues: Bled Castle

Perched atop a steep cliff rising 130 metres above the glacial Lake Bled is a symbol of Bled and Slovenia – Bled Castle. The image of the castle forming a dramatic backdrop to the romantic island and the church on it has earned the resort worldwide recognition through the centuries.

Special Venues: Monfort

Monfort special venue, once a salt storehouse, is now a vast and magnificent exhibition and event space, situated right by the sea. Built during 1823 and 1827, and placed halfway between Portorose and Pirano, it nowadays serves several functions.

Special Venues: Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno (Charming Slovenia)

The Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno also offers a Herbal Restaurant to pamper your taste buds with daily offers, wellness to discover the beneficent effect of herbs on body and soul and on top of that a range of different activities to diversify your holidays.

Special Venues: The Slovenian Ethnographic Museum SEM

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum is the oldest Slovene ethnology institution resulting from the development of Slovene ethnological and anthropological thought. The central national museum of ethnology is perfectly located in the new urban cultural area at Metelkova in Ljubljana.

Special Venues: Območje 70

Območje 70 has been recently established as a new special venue, but it was closed for civilians for 160 years and was still producing gunpowder until recently. A part of the building, dating back to 1852, was kept untouched and is now a unique event space with an industrial look.

Soon after being launched, the venue finder became the most visited part of Kongres Magazine. The main reason for its popularity is that event organisers can access countless information regarding destinations, special venues and ideas for events. Every day, 290 to 360 event organisers visit the venue finder, looking at 800 to 900 various ideas.

To find a special venue tailored to your needs, you can search through various criteria. There are 15 categories ranging from historical and cultural venues to picnic and pop-up venues.

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