Photo Credit: Visit Maribor/Teja Fistravec

Authentic and unique experiences have become one of the deciding reasons for visiting or organising an event at a destination. Maribor is among destinations that meticulously preserves traditional folk tradition. Some of them, intertwined with the oldest vine in the world, have grown into public events attracting numerous visitors.

The heart of Maribor, Lent, is home to the oldest vine in the world. At more than 450 years old, the vine is the only plant boasting its own museum – the Old Vine House. Believe it or not, the Old Vine even has its own anthem, and the locals are only too keen to let you hear it.

43rd Pruning of the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world

The pruning of the Old Vine in the heart of Maribor is a renowned ceremonial event. During this occasion, the city of Maribor donates the scions of the Old Vine to its partner cities, communities and countries all over the world. The pruning of the vine is one of the most important practices in winemaking because it has a direct impact on the growth of the vine and the grape harvest.

Photo Credit: Visit Maribor/Teja Fistravec

A rich cultural programme attended by numerous visitors complements the pruning and ceremonial donation of scions. This year, visitors will gather on 19 March and lend a hand to prune the vine that has a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world. The recipients of the Old Vine Scions 2022 are:

– The municipality Braslovče, the municipality Gorje, the municipality Vojnik, House Krasna, the Government for agricultural and grapevine research establishment in Malta, and St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Institute of Agriculture.

The Old Vine was planted by the end of the Middle Ages when Maribor was sieged by the Turks. It survived despite the wrathful battles that raged around it since it was once part of the city walls. Even the fires in the late Middle Ages could not destroy it, not even the vine louse, which caused most of the vineyards in Europe to wither, nor the allied bombing of the city. Its descendants grow on almost every continent and many Slovenian cities and towns.

Photo Credit: Visit Maribor/Teja Fistravec


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