Photo Credit: Lviv Convention Bureau

Showcasing how events can unite people in difficult times and bring peace

The Lviv Convention Bureau team continues to inform the meetings industry of the situation in Ukraine. They share stories that are not always shown on the evening news. And they want to tell more, especially about their industry and their city. On April 19, LCB will organise an online marathon “GMID-2022. United for Ukraine” on their Facebook page at 4 p.m.

Together with their Polish partners, LCB is organising an online meeting for experts in the #MICE industry to show how Lviv lives during the war, how the city’s conference industry has transformed, and how events can unite people in difficult times and bring peace.

The online marathon will include two panels:

1. Events that create peace
2. Lviv and the conference industry during the war

In the first part of the marathon, conference industry expert Krzysztof Celuch will discuss with Polish colleagues the role of events in the modern world, and how organising events can help end the war and bring peace.

In the second panel, Acting Director of the Lviv Convention Bureau Sofiya Kayinska together with colleagues from the Lviv conference industry will discuss how the industry was transformed during the war. They will talk about how teams of event agencies, catering companies, and conference venues became volunteers that met people at the railway station, feed food to internally displaced persons, collect humanitarian aid in hotspots and purchase ammunition for the military.

Photo Credit: Lviv Convention Bureau

During the marathon the entire meetings industry is encouraged to join the fundraising for two initiatives:

– Grant Fund to support Ukrainian students studying tourism and the MICE industry abroad. The gathering is organized by MPI.
– Means of protection – first aid kits, turnstiles, bandages, helmets, walkie-talkies for military medics. The gathering is organized by the National Scout Organization Plast in Lviv.

LCB team invites all #MICE partners to support Ukraine and Lviv during Russia’s war against Ukraine.


Also, see how Toleranca Marketing helped colleagues from Lviv organise a platform where they could share first-hand information about the situation in Ukraine below.

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