Photo Credit: Turku Convention Bureau

Academy Professor Tapio Salmi is an experienced and well-known organiser of scientific conferences. Over the years, he has organised dozens of international conferences related to industrial chemistry in Turku. The city is set to host ISCRE28 in 2024.

Professor Salmi and his colleagues at Åbo Akademi’s Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering believe that international scientific conferences are an effective way to share the latest research data, while also being an inspiring way to get young researchers involved in the best international networks early on in their careers.

“We have successfully applied to host the oldest and most prestigious conference in chemical reaction engineering, the International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE28), in Turku in 2024. The Working Party on Chemical Reaction Engineering of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) decided on this unanimously,” says Professor Salmi proudly.

Photo Credit: Visit Finland

“The first ISCRE was held in the 1950s, and the big names in the industry always attend the event. The conference is held every two years, with the location alternating between America, Europe and Asia, which means that the conference only comes to Europe every six years. Typically, the number of participants is approximately 400–500. The last time that the conference was held in Europe was in 2018 when it was hosted at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Florence,” says Professor Salmi.

“Hence we are in very good company, and the preparations are underway. ISCRE28 will take place at the Logomo Event and Conference Centre in Turku from 17 to 19 June 2024. This conference is a global and world-class event as well as a major recognition for the Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering,” comments Academy Professor Tapio Salmi from Åbo Akademi.

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