Photo Credit: Bratislava Street Food Park

As the trend of pop-up street food markets has erupted worldwide in the past decade, Bratislava now boasts its own Street Food Park. Once a month, Street Food Park brings food trucks with quality and interesting street food in front of the Old Market Hall.

In a lovely atmosphere and in the company of friends, colleagues or acquaintances, visitors can enjoy lunch, afternoon snacks or gain energy for the evening program in the city centre. Street Food Park takes place once a month on the square in front of the Old Market Hall, with the exception of winter when it moves inside the building. The Old Market Hall can also be rented for events, conferences and incentive ideas.

Zero Waste Philosophy

Street Food Park is more than just tasty meals – they also host a music program, and since November 2017, the whole event has been following the Zero Waste philosophy. That means that all waste is separated and recycled. At the same time, all meals are served in biodegradable dishes and cutlery. Thus, Bratislava is contributing to reducing its carbon footprint.

Photo Credit: Bratislava Street Food Park

The food market in the Old Market Hall follows the tradition of the building being a marketplace. In its form, the market is unique in Bratislava and surrounding areas. It offers mostly food produced by regional farmers and producers, which is accompanied by foreign delicacies.

Authentic Old Market Hall in the heart of Bratislava

The Old Market Hall is a historical building from 1910. In its over 100 years long history, it served many purposes; it was a market space, as well as a warehouse and studio for the Slovak National Television. Since 2013, The Old Market Hall Alliance has been taking care of this building with the aim of turning it into a marketplace and a cultural event venue.

Markets in the Old Market Hall are first and foremost about the experience. Their unique vibe is accompanied by various activities for both children and adults. The Oasis hosts regular tea tastings and ceramic workshops.

Photo Credit: Bratislava Street Food Park

Bratislava’s Street Food Park is one of the most eventful places in Bratislava, where guests can enjoy Slovakian delicacies and enjoy the splendour and unique ambience of the old city centre.

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This article was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.


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