Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

Embark on a photo safari across the Batak Lake

Artificial lakes in the Rhodopes were created in the past as hydroelectric power plants and reservoirs to supply the region with drinkable water. Soon, the lakes began developing as centres of tourist activities.

The closest lake to Velingrad is Batak, only 24 kilometres away. The area’s natural diversity is astounding and is reminiscent of famous Alpine landscapes in Austria and Switzerland. Amid a lake, there is a picturesque island; the air is surprisingly clean, while the view is straight out of a postcard. Batak Lake is located at 1100 metres and freezes over during the winter. In the summer, though, the water is incredibly refreshing. Around the lake, surrounded by meadows, the animal and plant diversity is unlike anywhere else. Around 2000 plant species are said to grow around the lake.

The natural habitat fostered the rapid development of tourism around the lake. Soon, an exclusive five-star hotel will open its doors in the most prestigious location above the lake. The investment is led by the owners of Villa Vuchev, who have rich experience in similar projects. Set to become the most luxurious mountain hotel in Bulgaria, the hotel will cater to the needs of event organisers and offer its guests a world-class nightclub for unforgettable entertainment.


The best time of the year to explore Batak Lake is in late spring, during the summer or in early autumn, given the lake freezes over during the winter. There are a plethora of team activities that can be organised on the crystal-clear water. Among the most popular is kayaking or rafting the lake and admiring the pristine nature. Velingrad-based agencies can prepare more complex programmes for more competitive groups. Survival-in-nature programmes that are becoming increasingly popular can also be organised. The Bulreisen Agency from Velingrad is advancing the offer around the lake and specialises in offering numerous and varied programmes around the lake.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

As a familiarising experience, we recommend embarking on a photo safari with kayaks that will uncover a diversified animal and plant world. Additionally, you will bring home photo memories of famous and lesser-known beauties of Lake Batak. The incentive programme can be accompanied by group fishing as the lake is a well-known fishing destination. To top it off, participants can try typical Rhodope gastronomy.

Wow factorTeam activities on the crystal-clear water of Batak Lake
Incentive type  Active experience
Number of participants  Up to 20 attendees
Best time of the yearApril – November
Duration4 – 6 hours
Location Batak Lake

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