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Secret gems around Velingrad

Velingrad entices visitors to uncover its hidden gems. Every corner gives away memorable details that can be best discovered and experienced by travelling on foot or by bicycle. If you are a lover of outdoor activities, Velingrad is undoubtedly Rhodope’s secret gem. Guests can marvel at the vast mountain range and stunning views.

Photo Credit: Rewilding Europe


Hiking and biking routes lead to various cultural and historical landmarks. The circular tours around Velingrad, varying in distance, will take attendees through typical and traditional villages. Here, they will be acquainted with how people once lived in harmony with nature and how they strive to revive this tradition. Ideally, attendees will combine cycling with hiking. If your team tends to be competitive, you can organise your own hiking and biking Velingrad Challenge or orientational team building, dubbed geocaching. Professional event organisers from Velingrad’s Bulreisen agency will provide you with bicycles and guides.

Photo Credit: Rewilding Europe

The hiking and biking routes scattered throughout Velingrad are ideal for individual or group exploration of the Rhodope Mountains. Suitable for both advanced riders and beginners, the perfect time to explore these routes is April to November. Group cycling and hiking are suited for groups that aim to maximise their cooperation, build communication within the team, and work together for a collective goal. During this incentive, personal traits will emerge that are otherwise difficult to be recognised in workplaces.

Wow factorThe secrets of the Rhodope Mountains
Incentive type  Active experience
Number of participants  From 5 to 20 attendees
Best time of the yearApril – November
Duration4 – 5 hours
Location Velingrad and its surroundings

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