Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

Outdoor yoga in Velingrad's pine forests

Velingrad’s natural beauty and exceptional climate call meeting planners to organise their team buildings outside closed meeting halls. Hundred-year-old pine trees magnify the experience and create unique magical forests around the city. Black pine (Pinus Nigra) forests once covered the entire Rhodopes mountain range, whereas today, the area features a mixed forest. That is why Black pine forests surrounding Velingrad are one-of-a-kind and, in our opinion, significantly contribute to reducing stress and reestablishing equilibrium. Throughout Velingrad and its surrounding area, visitors will be amazed by the healthy drinkable water that can be poured out of numerous wells alongside winding roads.

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Practising yoga outdoors is an excellent choice for those who wish to spend their day in harmony with nature and strive to find inner peace. Threading on forest routes while listening to the mountain streams and practising yoga will sharpen all senses.

While stopping at the most picturesque of the journey around Velingrad, participants will calm themselves down with the so-called “pranayama” breathing technique. Guests will fill their lungs with fresh mountain air and sense Prana in their bodies. Amidst the mighty nature, participants will finish by performing asanas yoga drills that will refill their batteries and improve their self-awareness.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

Yoga’s core mission is to connect with one’s inner space: to connect the mind, body, heart and spirit. The drills of this incentive trip are unchallenging and tailored to the attendees’ abilities. For practising yoga, participants need not be particularly agile or have prior experience. Likewise, there is no age limit to practising yoga. All one needs are comfortable clothes and a bit of curiosity. Considering nature is present at every step in Velingrad, yoga can be organised in any recommended incentive hotel. Combined with a visit to the spa or wellness, this incentive programme can be truly eye-opening.

Wow factorHundred-year-old pine trees around Velingrad
Incentive type  Active experience
Number of participants  Up to 15 attendees
Best time of the yearApril – November
Duration2 – 3 hours
Location Velingrad

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