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Exceptional sports infrastructure in Velingrad

Velingrad is a paradise for sports activities in nature. Its natural endowments and excellent sports facilities have proven ideal for sports camps. Velingrad has always interested sports clubs and individuals that appreciated the location that provides fresh, pure air, tailored food regimes and other elements crucial for athletes to prepare for a podium-filled season.

Belmeken sports centre is one among a number of shining examples of exceptional sports infrastructure in Velingrad and its surrounding region. The offer goes hand in hand with health spa resorts that offer specialised medical centres. Such centres provide tailored programmes for athletes. Velingrad’s medical centres are linked with internationally-acclaimed professional sports and health organisations. Moreover, the region has become popular among athletes for rehabilitation after sustaining injuries. The offer is further impressive due to sports facilities built to cater to the needs of individual sports disciplines.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

The core of Velingrad’s sports offer is combining high mountain training (Belmeken) with training in the hills surrounding Velingrad. Sports experts unanimously concluded that the location is excellent for improving speed, durability, gaining strength, increasing energy levels and boosting general wellbeing.

Athletes are ensured complete privacy during their preparations and competition. Velingrad is famed as a safe destination, and that is appreciated by numerous Olympians whom you may meet in person as they train around the city.

Experience for event attendees

Visiting Belmeken is, in our opinion, a must for all event attendees that appreciate and respect sports. Walking through the hall of Olympic champions, who trained here, will take visitors on a historical Olympic journey. Even though the building is not the most modern facility, it is still a charismatic location worth visiting. It is characterised by the high altitude (2000m) and the unique microclimate that offers impeccable conditions for training. Belmeken is arguably one of the best mountain sports centres for training during the summer season anywhere in the world. Therefore, visitors will undoubtedly be enchanted by the bewildering nature. Hiking enthusiasts are recommended to climb Musala (2925m), the highest peak in the Balkans. To learn more about incentive experiences at Belmeken, click here.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

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