Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

Drinkable water at every step

The earth beneath the ground in Velingrad hides countless secrets, strongly intertwined with thermal water. It is hard to find a more striking sight than the karst spring Kleptuza. The city has a stunning 59 thermal springs.

It is no surprise that numerous legends and intriguing stories in Velingrad are connected to its water. One of the stories is about a beautiful girl named Klepna, who was known as the prettiest and brightest girl in the Uza family. Because of her forbidden love, she and her lover escaped to the forest. Her pursuers found her, and as they tried to capture her, she vanished into the earth, from where water poured out and drowned her pursuers. The water still flows today and has symbolic meaning for Velingrad, given that it represents the core source of development, particularly in tourism.

Photo: Aljaž Čad

Water is life-sustaining and is not vital only for people but also for animals and plants. The quality of living and the existence of life itself heavily depend on water. Hence, it is crucial to know the quality of water we drink and how we treat it. The General Assembly of the United Nations defined water as a human right in 2010.

The climate crisis has increased our awareness of the prominence of drinkable water. Only a handful of tourist destinations can pride themselves on offering drinkable tap water. In Velingrad, visitors can enjoy healthy mineral water at literally every step. The city’s tradition of building wells is long, and many thank their community and nature by building them. They can be found at the most unusual locations, from hiking trails around the city, next to churches on steep hills or in Velingrad itself. What is more, there are several wells where thermal water comes out. Groups of people can often be seen enjoying the free, thermal water out of famous spots.

Velingrad has its own bottling plant bearing the city’s name, which is tremendously popular in Bulgaria and is known as one of the best mineral waters in the country. The brand, furthermore, tremendously contributes to the promotion of the region.

Photo: Aljaž Čad

Unlimited water resources

Nature was indeed generous in Velingrad and granted this part of the world unlimited water resources. Thermo mineral springs are the most renowned among them – the destination has 59 springs on six hydrological sites that are the largest thermal water sites in Bulgaria and in the Balkans. Such a treasure has extraordinary meaning for healing, disease prevention, rehabilitation, recreation, communal use and heating. Moreover, the water is crystal clear and free of microbiological signs of pollution.

Nowadays, many face water shortages worldwide. With their activities, humans intrude into nature and natural processes. Consequently, extreme weather occurrences are more likely to happen that can directly or indirectly affect the quantity and quality of water.

Experience for event attendees

The water in Velingrad continues to be crystal clear, representing the jewel and pride of the city. Moreover, it is the basis for developing the tourist offer aligned with nature and ecotourism. Your event participants will undoubtedly cherish this. We reccommend making clear and healthy water the silver lining of your incentive event, seminar or conference.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

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