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TMRW 2022 is set to gather the world-leading blockchain companies and influential experts in Belgrade. The attendees and speakers will demonstrate the transformative, cross-sector power of the most disruptive technology since the internet.

The conference will be held at the Belexpocentar. The modern 900m2 event centre has been successfully adapted to the dynamic conference organization. The program content will be held in three stages.

Participants will learn about the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency trends and developments from the world’s most prominent leaders themselves, understanding the developing trends in DeFi, DAOs and Web3.


Over the past year, NFTs have taken the world by storm. During TMRW 2022 attendees will take a deep dive into the NFT space in order to understand its true potential. They will look far beyond art and collectables into exploring some of the previously unforeseen use cases of the NFT market.

Participants will learn the key concepts related to NFTs and the market, the technology, and most importantly, connect and engage with the creators of some of the most prominent NFT projects globally.


The Metaverse is at the forefront of the Web 3.0 internet evolution and the related crypto cloud economies are becoming the next emerging frontier. The Metaverse is a set of interconnected, experiential, 3D virtual worlds where people anywhere can socialize in real-time to form a persistent, user-owned, internet economy spanning the digital and physical worlds. TMRW 2022 will bring the world’s pioneers of this space to Belgrade to learn how will this transformative technology impact our lives and the world as we know it.

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