Photo Credit: ICC Sydney

The venue's first international event since the pandemic

From 1-5 May 2022, ICC Sydney welcomed its first international event since the pandemic, ICMS Australasia (ICMSA)’s 20th International Conference for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE).

The event attracted 1,368 in-person delegates with 627 international professionals from 76 countries including South Korea, the United States and the UK, re-energising and rejuvenating Sydney’s vibrant city and local economy.

Leaving a legacy through hybrid events

Leaving a positive legacy was high on the organiser’s priorities. By creating a rich program delivered through ICC Sydney’s hybrid event execution including leading technical production facilities, team expertise and digital infrastructure knowledge exchange were seamless.

ICC Sydney delivered streamed live sessions to 501 virtual delegates, on-demand services and video editing whilst ensuring the onsite, live event experience for the in-person delegation was engaging. The hybrid services were critical to ensuring access to the state of the art lectures for ICSMGE delegates joining remotely.

Bespoke menus to meet vision

To support the organiser’s vision, ICC Sydney’s culinary team worked with ICMSA to customise the menu, beverages and catering service from its Sundowners Function to its Gala Dinner to activate a culinary journey through Australia. The menu and beverages championed local produce and wine from across the New South Wales region as well as other Australian regions.

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