Photo Credit: IEG

Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) and Deutsche Messe (Hannover) have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that foresees a 50% acquisition on the part of IEG of Deutsche Messe’s companies in Mexico, Canada and the USA.

The partnership is a valuable and powerful boost not only for the internationalisation process of their respective trade show products but also for launching new activities in the economic sectors covered by both the Italian Exhibition Group and Deutsche Messe.


To be precise, Deutsche Messe is active in Mexico with eight events, two of which – Mexico Active & Sports (Leon, 2-3 December 2022) for the fitness sector and Ecomondo Mexico for the green technologies sector – are already in partnership with IEG.

In fact, Deutsche Messe and Italian Exhibition Group, two of Europe’s largest exhibition organisers with pre-covid turnovers of €355 and €179 million respectively, had already signed an initial business agreement in March 2021 to organise a series of events in Mexico.

Corrado Peraboni


“With this new and wide-ranging agreement,” commented Corrado Peraboni, CEO of IEG, “Deutsche Messe and IEG will add new elements of substantial sharing, making way for a stable and total collaboration that will bring together organisations and expertise and enhance the value of the activities carried out in the countries covered by the joint venture, which are strategic on the global economic chessboard. The absolutely complimentary nature of the portfolios of the two companies is the best prerequisite for the agreement to turn out to be a Win-Win. IEG in particular will add the trade show branch to its activity in the United States, which so far, has focused on exhibition set-ups through the specialised company, FB International.”

Photo Credit: IEG Group

The remaining six Mexican trade shows in Deutsche Messe’s portfolio are MEM Industrial in the technology, processing and accessories sector for the furniture industry, scheduled to take place in Mexico City from 7 to 9 March 2023.

Source: IEG