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The Metaverse has gone from an abstract sci-fi vision to a real-life entity of the future. And even more: A concrete, promising business model and the conduit for Internet 3.0, that can be physically experienced and explored. In a recent survey, VOK DAMS explored to what extent the Metaverse has already arrived in companies and marketing departments.

In order to answer these questions, VOK DAMS conducted a quantitative survey with VOK DAMS clients and decision-makers in the event industry. The participants in the survey received a questionnaire asking for their assessment of various matters in the Metaverse. In addition to data on potential development, sustainability, event budgets and event types, personal experience with the use of this technology was also collected.

The respondents cover over 13 different industries from automotive, IT, telecom, energy, FMCG, and pharmaceuticals to insurance, in 16 different countries (e.g. China, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the USA). It reflects the diverse range of actors active in live marketing. The quantitative study provides an exciting look behind the scenes and provides valuable insights into one of the most exciting live marketing developments of the decade.

Photo Credit: VOK DAMS

Five survey results at a glance

1. The Metaverse is already a reality for many blue-chip brands and tech companies who are investing heavily.

2. The participants in the international study state that the Metaverse has enormous potential.

3. Many companies currently lack knowledge and experience when it comes to the Metaverse. There is a great need for support and joint exploration of opportunities.

4. The Metaverse is particularly exciting for marketing and events. With the Metaverse, experiences and emotions can be created that have long and lasting effects.

5. Marketing and events experts will not be able to ignore or escape the Metaverse; ultimately the Metaverse will become the operating system for hybrid events, the events of the future.

You can download the complete study here.

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