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After hosting numerous international scientific congresses and conferences, Cankarjev dom proudly continues cooperation with distinguished Slovenian Congress Ambassadors. Many of them chose to host their event in Ljubljana’s most esteemed venue. Below are interviews with ambassadors who successfully organised international events by closely cooperating with Cankarjev dom.

Among those who opted to organise internationally-renowned scientific events is Prof. Ivan Eržen, MD, PhD, National Institute of Public Health Slovenia. He brought the 11th European Public Health Conference (Winds of change) to Cankarjev dom, thus facilitating the development of science in the city and region.

Ivan Eržen

During his long career, prof. Ivan Eržen, MD, PhD, a specialist in public health, worked on both the regional and national levels. His research field is environmental health. He was the head of projects on human biomonitoring and health impact assessment on different population groups due to living at or near contaminated sites. In addition to his rich professional and research work, he devoted his career to teaching students. He continues to transfer knowledge and experience in public health to younger generations. He is currently Head of the School of Public Health, which is part of the National Institute of Public Health. He is active at universities in Slovenia and abroad.

Helena Burger

Another Slovenian Congress Ambassador who attracted and organised an important event in Cankarjev dom is Prof. Helena Burger, MD, University Rehabilitation Institute in Soča. She organised the European International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics’s International Central European ISPO Conference.

About the Slovenian Ambassador Program

The Slovenian Ambassador Program contributes to Slovenia’s greater success in the internationalization of science, professional areas of expertise, economy and sports. The Ambassador Program aims to identify, recognise and support Slovenian scientists, doctors, professors, researchers, business people, athletes and other individuals who are members of international associations, experts in their respective fields and who strive to bring international events to Slovenia.

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