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Third edition of the guide in Slovenia

Michelin inspectors awarded Hiša Franko two stars again, already for the third time. One star was awarded to: Atelje, Dam Restaurant, Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Gostišče Grič and Hiša Denk. It is remarkable that as many as four Slovenian restaurants received new stars: COB, Strelec, Hiša Linhart and Milka.

In total, the Michelin inspectors awarded two stars once and one star nine times. 6 restaurants received the Michelin green star for sustainable gastronomy. A total of 58 restaurants were included in the third edition of the MICHELIN GUIDE SLOVENIA 2022, of which 7 restaurants received the Bib Gourmand award for their quality offer.

The Michelin Guide is considered the most prestigious and influential brand in the world of gastronomy with an exceptional global reach. It is outstanding that Slovenia is included, as this showcases creativity, boldness, exceptional quality and sustainable approach and proves that Slovenia stands alongside the best in the world. At the same time, the inclusion in the Michelin Guide contributes to the visibility of Slovenia as a unique tourist destination and co-creates exceptional authentic experiences.

Photo Credit: MICHELIN Guide


Michelin inspectors included as many as 58 Slovenian restaurants in the third edition of the guide.

Michelin stars indicate restaurants that, according to the evaluations of Michelin inspectors, offer top gastronomic experiences. In their evaluation, they are guided by five criteria: the quality of the ingredients, the cooking techniques, the harmony of flavours, the personality of the master chef and the emotions they evoke with the dishes, along with consistency throughout the menu and between different inspections.

For the third time in a row, Hiša Franko of chef Ana Roš has retained two Michelin stars for excellent cuisine.

Nine restaurants were awarded one Michelin star:

– Atelje, chef Jorg Zupan

– Dam Restaurant, chef Uroš Fakuč

– Gostilna pri Lojzetu, chef Tomaž Kavčič

– Gostišče Grič, chef Luka Košir

– Hiša Denk, chef Gregor Vračko

New among the one-starred restaurants are:

COB, led by chef Filip Matjaž, Hiša Linhart led by chef Uroš Štefelin, Milka led by chef David Žefran, Strelec Restaurant led by chef Igor Jagodic

The Michelin Green Star is used to highlight restaurants that are committed to more sustainable gastronomy. Three years ago, Slovenian restaurants were among the first to have received the Michelin award for sustainability. As pinpointed by Michelin, this “expresses praise and encouragement for ecologically responsible initiatives carried out in exemplary restaurants. Slovenia, which is often called the ‘green lungs of Europe’, confirms its status as a pioneer in the field of ecologically responsible gastronomy with two new restaurants having received the MICHELIN green star.”

Four restaurants have retained the Michelin green star since last year:

– Gostilna Krištof, chef Uroš Gorjanc

– Gostilna Mahorčič, chef Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič

– Gostišče Grič, chef Luka Košir

– Hiša Franko, chef Ana Roš

New green stars were awarded to:

– Gostilna Repovž, chef Meta Repovž

– Hiša Linhart, chef Uroš Štefelin

Bib Gourmand designates restaurants that offer excellent meals at a good price. Michelin inspectors awarded this recognition to seven restaurants, that have kept the Bib Gourmand from last year:

– Gostilna na Gradu, Gostilna Repovž, Jožef, Mahorčič, Rajh, Ruj, TaBar

There are now 41 Slovenian restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide:

AS, B-Restaurant, Calypso, Cubo, Dvor Jezeršek, Etna, Galerija Okusov, Gostilna Danilo, Gostilna Francl, Gostilna Krištof, Gostilna Vovko, Gredič, Harfa, Hiša Krasna, Hiša Torkla, JB, Kendov Dvorec, Julijana, Landerik, MAK, Monstera Bistro, Ošterija Debeluh, Otočec Castle, Pavus, Pikol, RestavracijaHotela Marina, Rizibizi, Sedem, Separé, Shambala, Sophia, Stara Gostilna, Sushimama, Valvas’or, Vila Planinka

6 restaurants are new in this category:

Altrokè, City Terasa, Restavracija 1906, Restavracija Mama Marija, Špacapanova hiša, Vila Podvin

MSc. Maja Pak

Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board

MSc. Maja Pak, the Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board commented: “I am thrilled and proud that Hiša Franko has again received two stars and that nine restaurants have received one star, including as many as four new ones. We can also be proud that three years ago Slovenian restaurants were among the first recipients of Michelin’s recognition for sustainability. In this evaluation, six restaurants received the green star, with which the Michelin inspectors highlight the role of Slovenian gastronomy in global sustainable gastronomy and set it as an example for both food lovers and professionals.”

“Despite the challenges in the hospitality and catering in the recent period, we are grateful that they build on, look for new opportunities and create new stories. They remain true to what we value most: local, authentic, sustainable, healthy, creative, innovative and genuinely hospitable. In this way, they strengthen the reputation of Slovenia as a destination for top gastronomic experiences. This was recognized by Michelin and the excellence of Slovenian gastronomy was once again awarded stars. At the Slovenian Tourist Board, we strive to bring our exceptional gastronomy to the world through various systematic, modern, innovative activities. That is why we decided to cooperate with the Michelin guide years ago. Congratulations to everyone included in the new edition of the world’s most influential guide. I wish that this would be an additional incentive for new success stories and a source of inspiration in overcoming numerous daily challenges that the hospitality industry is facing these days.”

Photo Credit: MICHELIN Guide

The printed edition of the MICHELIN GUIDE SLOVENIA 2022 will be available at the end of September. More information about the restaurants included in the guide is also available on Michelin’s official website.