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Kopaonik is exceptional. From the summit, Pančić’s Peak (2017m), a picturesque view opens up, from where visitors can admire the mountains of Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Kopaonik is an old mountain range, and its name derives from plentiful precious metals discovered here. It boasts several titles, including the highest mountain range in Serbia and the largest Serbian skiing resort. Avid skiers can ski on slopes stretching over 62 kilometres at altitudes ranging from 1500 to 2000m. The new Viceroy Kopaonik sits just a stone’s throw away from the slopes. During winter, guests can stroll to the ski lifts located in the social hub of the destination. A better location for a prestigious hotel is hard to come across.

Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik


There are several routes one can take to reach Kopaonik at 1700 metres. From Belgrade, paths lead through Čačak (260 km), Kruševac (276 km) and Kragujevac (290 km). On average, the journey takes three hours and a half. We recommend making a stop along the way and getting a taste of the heart of Serbia. The recently constructed highway, Miloš the Great, shortened the path significantly. Snow poles strewn along the way to the top of the mountain serve as a reminder that snow is abundant in the winter months. When visiting Kopaonik in the summer, parking should not be a problem. In winter, though, finding parking may be a challenge. Kopaonik is a hiking paradise, and embarking on a hiking trip is soothing for the body and soul. Bus transports to Kopaonik are decent. As expected of a five-star hotel, the concierge will arrange everything for you: from taxi and shuttle service to private helicopter transport to Belgrade Airport.

Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik

COLD STARTER - Architecture and aesthetics

An impressive 54 million EUR investment raised the offer of the entire destination to a world-class level. The investors pulled out all the stops in the hotel’s design and interior, which deservedly boast five stars. Viceroy hotel chain now manages a truly phenomenal hotel. The exterior is an elegant interpretation of mountain hotel architecture. Together with the hotel amphitheatre at the foot of the ski slopes, they form a convincing whole. Select natural materials of wood and rock exude prestige. The Pique Ski Bar and outdoor SPA overlooking Pančić’s Peak have become buzzing meeting hubs. The interior is typical of luxury mountain hotels and can be labelled as generic mountain luxury. Nonetheless, the lobby, library and social areas will enthral guests. Viceroy Kopanik is full of Instagrammable spots.

Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik

WARM ENTRÉE - The staff and the culinary experience

Viceroy Kopaonik is a complete package. Guests’ expectations of the international hotel chain are met on all levels of service. The staff is utterly professional, kind and, above all, always available. Upon stepping foot in the lobby and being greeted by the receptionist, guests feel welcome. Given we evaluated the hotel in the off-season, not all restaurants were open. Breakfast was served, which did not diminish the superb experience. In fact, we indulged in an excellent breakfast bearing the chef’s signature. Pique Ski Bar oozes charm and offers an array of dishes and an extensive list of drinks. The space can serve as a venue for private gatherings. Unsurprisingly, cleanliness is maintained at a five-star level.

Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik

MAIN COURSE – The meetings offering at the hotel

Hotel rooms

The room stretching 40 m2 would be considered a suite in other hotels. With an abundance of space, the room is, furthermore, technologically-advanced. It is evident that designers carefully considered where to place electrical charging stations. Thus, guests can effortlessly connect to the Bluetooth sound system or illuminate the rooms to their preferences. Wooden floors combined with walnut furniture, beige walls and an enormous bed emanate luxury. A terrace with spectacular views gives a feeling of general well-being. The minibar is praiseworthy as it enables guests to store their favourite wine bottles in a dedicated wine cooler. The XXL bathroom is coloured in beige and features marble tiles. A lounger with traditional Serbian folk patterns caught our eye. Everything is within arm’s reach in this room. Hence, even longer stays are a pleasure. We were impressed by the unpretentious promotion of green practices (Being Eco-Friendly Is Our Nature).

Meetings centre

Hotel Viceroy Kopaonik offers three meeting rooms. The Sky Boardroom is a small conference room for 12 attendees. Among the three, Aero Room is the largest and can capacitate 75 participants in a theatre setting and 50 in a banquet setting. Lumen Room, the smallest of the three, can serve as an extension to the Aero Room. The halls have a unique charm, with plenty of daylight, views of Kopaonik’s ski arena and the 4,6-metre tall ceilings. The restaurant prepares superb catering while also organising picnics in nature’s embrace. For private gatherings, the terrace in front of the hotel is the hottest place in town.

Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik
Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik

DESSERT – The extras

The luxury Spa by Viceroy is boutique and fitted with unparalleled equipment. The management schedules guests’ appointments to match its boutique character.

Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik


A rather loud mini bar can disturb a good night’s sleep. Likewise, the power button on the TV is irritating. Amid a tranquil mountain paradise, every sound and light can quickly become bothersome.


An alluring library functioning as a living room is where guests can read numerous world bestsellers and enjoy excellent coffee or tea.

Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik


Viceroy Kopaonik seemingly has no flaws as everything is managed perfectly. A few tiny details do not affect the excellent final impression. The hotel is tailor-made for guests seeking class and comfort, and its hotel rooms radiate a sense of luxury. Viceroy is, in many aspects, the most modern hotel in Kopaonik and Serbia. That can be credited to the intelligent digitalised management within hotel rooms. Guests can thus adapt everything to their needs. Viceroy Kopaonik has everything for demanding incentive groups and smaller events. All in all, the hotel is convincing and leaves a lasting impression. Viceroy Kopaonik is the right address for incentives in Kopaonik.

FINAL GRADE: 4.87 GOLD Resort Meeting Hotel 

GOLD final score from 4.81 to 5.00
SILVER final score from 4.61 to 4.80
BRONZE final score from 4.41 to 4.60

MEETINGS STAR Resort meeting hotel
STANDARD Hotel with conference facilities
NUMBER OF ROOMS 119 rooms + 1 penthouse
MEETING ROOMS3 + 1 outdoor terrace
TOTAL EVENT SPACE145 sqm (indoor)
INTERNET PRICE89 – 244 EUR (single use) / Booking, September 2022
ADDRESS:Viceroy Kopaonik
Trg Josifa Pančića 12
Kopaonik, Serbia

T: +381 36 515 5500

    • The Library
    • Restaurant Mountain Kitchen
    • Pique Ski Bar
    • The Spa by Viceroy
    • Fitness Centre
    • Lobby Shop
    • Organising picnics in nature’s embrace
    • Organising private parties
SPECIALS The must-see terrace in front of the hotel is the place to go if you wish to be seen. At the same time, it functions as an ideal space for welcome receptions for corporate or private parties. The terrace is a phenomenal outdoor venue boasting one of the best views in Serbia.
Photo Credit: Viceroy Kopaonik
1. LOCATION 5.00
4. LOBBY4.95
6.  RECEPTION 5.00
7.  HOTEL ROOM 4.98
8.  HOTEL BED 4.98
TOTAL:   4.87

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