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Compared to other Serbian mountain destinations, Zlatibor has the advantage of having a well-developed tourism infrastructure. Meeting guests will easily find an activity that suits their mood during their stay during all seasons. The city centre is a city in itself and, together with the diverse choice of restaurants, offers a variety of experiences. With the newly-constructed highway connecting Belgrade and Čačak, the journey to Zlatibor is now two hours and a half from the Serbian capital. Zlatibor is undoubtedly a destination with huge potential for development and a hidden mountain gem.

Photo Credit: Zlatibor Tourism Organisation

Five reasons to organise an incentive in Zlatibor

1. Zlatibor is renowned as a developed Serbian mountain destination with superb tourism infrastructure. Serbian hospitality is one of the advantages of the Serbian tourist offer, especially in Zlatibor.

2. Meeting planners can take their incentive trip to the top of Zlatibor with the recently-constructed Gold Gondola Lift, the longest panoramic lift in the world.

3. Zlatibor’s tourist offer is based on exceptional natural attributes and climate, which enable tourism throughout the year. The plateau in the southeast of Serbia is famous for extensive forests and rich pastures completed by golden pine trees.

4. Over 150 restaurants and bars in Zlatibor will cater to anyone’s taste.

5. Zlatibor was the set for several iconic movies, earning it the title of Serbian Hollywood.

Photo Credit: Zlatibor Tourism Organisation


One of Zlatibor’s most enticing experiences is embarking on a journey with jeeps on tricky Zlatibor trails. The adrenaline journey is the quickest way to explore the plateau’s beauties and includes most of Zlatibor’s natural gems. View-seekers can even climb the highest summits of Zlatibor: Tornik and Čigota.

Find out more at: www.zlatiboradventure.com.

Photo Credit: Zlatibor Tourism Organisation


Drvengrad – a wooden village for filmmaking

Drvengrad is a story on its own just because of its charismatic founder Emir Kusturica. The film director’s wooden village was constructed for the needs of a movie called “Life is a Miracle” in 2004.

Photo Credit: Tomaž Gorec

The venue has a restaurant, a library, a gallery, a cinema and most importantly, the charisma and brilliance of the director himself. The incentive story can be complemented by boarding a museum train, which runs through the bridges and tunnels of the “Šarganska osmica” line.

Sirogojno Museum

Among Zlatibor’s diverse selection of unique venues, the Sirogojno Museum is the most authentic. The ethnographic village showcases the architecture and the life of local people through the ages. It was first mentioned back in the 15th century.

Photo Credit: Zlatibor Tourism Organisation

The venue was entirely renovated in 1980, and guests can now get an insight into a typical Zlatibor rural house. The famous hand-knitted pullovers and other handmade souvenirs are tremendously popular among tourists. In addition, several restaurants are furnished in an authentic retro style nearby.


Mona Zlatibor’s reputation as the best hotel for meeting guests in Zlatibor is well-deserved. We have to admit that the offer is thought-out and will impress even the most demanding guests. Despite it not being the newest hotel in Zlatibor, the offer is still very fresh. Mona Hotel Zlatibor edges out its competition with a holistic offer for guests. The hotel offers, together with its partners, well-developed team-building programmes. In some way, the hotel took the role of a DMC agency of the destination.

Find out more about Mona Hotel Zlatibor at: https://www.monazlatibor.com/.



Even though Zlatibor is hard to reach, visitors are rewarded with spectacular views, favourable mountain climate and unparalleled Serbian hospitality after a long journey. Public transport is slightly disorganised, even though it does connect Zlatibor with larger cities and Belgrade.

Zlatibor recently became home to the Gold Gondola Lift, the longest panoramic lift in the world. At nine kilometres long, this state-of-the-art gondola connects the centre of Zlatibor with the ski centre of Tornik. The latest addition to the emerging destination will further its appeal as a dream destination for skiers, mountaineers or tourists who simply want to enjoy the fantastic panoramic journey to the highest peak of Zlatibor.

Photo Credit: Gold Gondola Zlatibor

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