Photo Credit: Confiva


Confiva, the leading European platform for virtual conferences, and M2Communications, the leading agency for creating and managing events in the region, have announced a strategic partnership. Thus, the two organisations will enable the use of the most advanced interactive platform for virtual and hybrid events in Serbia and Montenegro.

The collaboration between M2Communications, an agency with a portfolio that includes a large number of hybrid and online events, and the advanced technology of Confiva, which offers an innovative software platform for virtual events, will provide users with a holistic solution for the sale, access and maintenance of virtual and hybrid events. Confiva and M2C will offer the market a “managed service” option, which means that organisers of various types of events can focus primarily on the content rather than the technology itself.

Miro Antić, partner and CXO of the M2C agency, said that this cooperation “will enable a modern, safe and innovative way to organise hybrid and virtual events. Bearing in mind the era of digitization and the circumstances in which the event and live communication industry has returned to normal flows, hybrid solutions are here to provide support and add value to their end users, who will thus be offered better experiences.”

Jaka Gornik, General Manager of Confiva, said that “including a strong local partner like M2Communications, opens up a space for us to offer a global solution related to online and hybrid events with integrated local knowledge and support. In this way, we act globally, but think locally, offering our customers in these markets greater security of service provided. Our ultimate goal is to offer one place where our new partner plays a very important role.”

“We are excited to cooperate with the company M2C, which shares the same values ​​as we do and takes care of the best user experience,” added Gornik.

Photo Credit: M2Communications
Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

The hybrid and virtual event software sector has seen significant growth during the pandemic, and experts expect the trend to continue as new format events that have developed in the meantime remain on the market. In addition, there is a visible increase in the number of hybrid events that help organisers to achieve their goals while facilitating participation and interaction between live and virtual audiences.

Find out more at M2Communications’ website or Confiva’s platform.