Photo Credit: Sunrose 7

Hotel Sunrose 7 recently became the proud recipient of the prestigious Climahost international award. The Climahost competition highlights how holidays, leisure, climate protection and sustainability work together.

Climahost is a European selection of the best sustainable practices in the field of accommodation in the Alpine area, awarded by an international expert jury. Climahost supports the strategy of the Alpine Convention and encourages the development of a sustainable tourist offer, with experiencing nature and protecting the climate at the forefront.

The award-winning hotel has also received the Triglav National Park Quality Mark.

Following the concept of a digital detox

Boutique Hotel Sunrose 7, which has been present in Bohinj since 1890 and has been welcoming guests again since 2020 in a completely reconstructed image with 18 designer rooms, strives to upgrade its sustainable image every year. The hotel follows the concept of a digital detox and only accepts guests over the age of 18, and two international certificates have now been joined by Climahost and the Quality Mark of the Triglav National Park.

Climahost and the Triglav National Park Quality Mark focus on accommodation providers in the Alpine area. The Alpine region is warming twice as fast as the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, so aspects of sustainability under scrutiny concern specific indicators of sustainability and their goals. Obtaining certificates touches on areas such as water consumption, waste management and regulation, and the integration of the hotel into the local environment in keeping with architectural style. Other key factors are the cooperation of local food suppliers, staff policies, raising awareness about sustainable solutions among hotel guests as well as a variety of initiatives for the welfare of society.

Photo Credit: Sunrose 7

Anže Čokl

Project Manager

“For many years, we have recognized the great value of sustainability for Slovenian tourism. Abroad, development in this area is growing rapidly, and the impact on the climate is important to guests when making travel decisions. The key is realising that sustainability does not require compromises when it comes to the level of quality services and all the obtained certificates and environmental signs confirm this. Despite the fact that Slovenia, with its small size, is in many ways sustainable and increasingly advanced in many ways, with its small size, we still have some challenges ahead of us in the coming years,” explained Anže Čokl.

Photo Credit: Sunrose 7

The award-winning hotel has impressive plans for 2023 which align with its sustainability ethos. Among those plans will be the installation of a Bio swimming pool – the first of its kind in the Bohinj region. Guests will be able to take a refreshing dip in a pool that is free from chlorine and other chemicals. The special Bio pool will be ready for the start of the summer season.

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