Photo Credit: Vodomčev gaj

Uncovering the world of the Kingfisher

Vodomčev gaj is a unique landscape with exceptional animal and plant diversity, where different habitat types intertwine. Rare and endangered birds have found their home here. The facilities in Vodomčev gaj will give attendees of the incentive program unique insight into preserving biodiversity and sustainable development of the local area. The area was coined Vodomčev gaj after the Kingfisher bird that resides here.

Photo Credit: Vodomčev gaj


The area around Vodomčevo gaj consists of several closely connected habitats. The very contact of the forest with the meadows of the karst plateau and the underground karst world enables the life of various plant and animal species to prosper. The cultural landscape with orchards and cultivated areas further increase the variety. Given the exceptional beauty of nature, teambuilding programs engage participants to explore, connect and learn about nature’s secrets.

Photo Credit: Vodomčev gaj

Attendees of the incentive will learn about the fascinating wildlife and conclude their day by relishing homemade delicacies. A seasoned ornithologist will host an eye-opening lecture to provide attendees with insightful information regarding the local flora and fauna. Invaluable information is passed on inside the Kingfisher classroom, which can host up to 50 attendees.

Wow factorEye-opening journey into the world of ornithology
Incentive type  Active experience
Number of participants  Up to 20 attendees
Best time of the yearApril – September
Duration4 – 5 hours
Location Ljubljana

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Vodomčev gaj
Cerovo 3
Grosuplje, Slovenia

T: 051 203 253
E: info@vodomcevgaj.si
W: https://vodomcevgaj.si/


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