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Delta Holding recently announced that the reconstruction of the Sava Center in Belgrade, which began in December 2021, will be completed by November 2023. The reconstruction project will cost an estimated 100 million EUR.

The reconstruction project of the Sava Center is currently an integral project of Delta Holding, and an additional incentive to go the extra mile is that the building is protected as a cultural monument and is a reminder of an eventful period in the history of the region.

“Delta Holding started reconstruction as an investor during perhaps the worst period in the last 15 years, which brought an increase in the prices of construction materials, a lack of labour and an energy crisis. Consequently, our budget rose from 80 million to 100 million EUR,” said the vice president of Delta Holding and general director of the Delta Real Estate Group, Angelina Nekić.

She noted that the implementation of the reconstruction is planned for a period slightly shorter than two years. She pointed out that Delta Holding will not make any compromises to the detriment of the quality of the works.

Photo Credit: Delta Holding

Congresses, business, culture and shopping under one roof

The general director of Sava Center, Kristina Milinčić, said that the venue will offer congress capacities, a business area, cultural entertainment and a shopping centre under one roof. The congress area will occupy 50,000 square meters, while the shopping area will occupy 10,000 square meters. “There will be more than 40 meeting rooms. The new space, between the two units of the Sava Center, will be a multifunctional atrium,” she said.

She pointed out that 50 per cent of the office space has already been leased. “The Blue Hall, the largest in the Sava Center, will keep its legendary look, and with 3,800 seats, it will be the largest plenary hall in the region,” she elaborated.

The new venue will operate in accordance with sustainable endeavours. It will thus boast solar panels on the roof. LED lighting, various recycling programs, and catering by local producers.

Photo Credit: Delta Holding

The same venue, yet modernized

The appearance and purpose of the complex shall remain intact. Still, the venue will be modernized by using cutting-edge technology and materials.

Delta Holding is working to improve the building, the work of architect Stojan Maksimović, completed in 1979, in accordance with all current regulations.

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