Photo Credit: Tallinn Convention Bureau, Kaupo Kalda

Estonia’s cosy capital Tallinn is a city with ancient roots, its sight set on the future. Technology magazine Wired called it a place where the most advanced digital society in the world thrives among medieval architecture and centuries-old traditions.

Tallinn is home to cultural and historical gems as well as modern marvels and the highest number of start-ups per capita in Europe. Now the city has set its sights on sustainability in every field possible, including the meetings industry.

One of Europe’s best-preserved towns from the medieval period

The city’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Europe’s best-preserved towns from the medieval period. Apart from its historical character, conference goers can also truly appreciate the cultural scene – the contemporary art galleries, exciting museums and the many world-class restaurants inspired by local traditions, the Nordic or ethnic cuisine – as in addition to the Old Town, there are many city districts with their own spectacular character just a short walk away from the historical centre. The city perfectly blends its different eras and communities, creating a mosaic of marvellous experiences awaiting discovery. So yes, Tallinn will definitely surprise you – especially as a unique conference destination full of excellent options to help you organize a green, impactful and in every way exceptional event, be it onsite, virtual or hybrid.

European Green Capital 2023

Tallinn was announced to be the European Green Capital 2023. Tallinn will lead the newly launched network of 19 European cities, which aims to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the local level. The meetings industry in Tallinn is also redefining its already green approach to be as supportive of sustainability goals as possible and to make organising sustainable events easy and affordable for everyone.

A compact conference city

And it all starts with size. Apart from being a green city, Tallinn is also very compact, which makes organizing events so easy. When you organise a conference in Tallinn, delegates are always surprised that the Tallinn Airport is only a few minutes’ drive from the city centre. It is a conference destination where most meeting venues, restaurants, hotels and main sights are all within walking distance. If you prefer or need to use conventional public transport, then the city offers free public transport for its conference delegates.

Photo Credit: Tallinn Convention Bureau, Simon Snopek

Tallinn Card for conference delegates

Alternatively, you can also use the Tallinn Card sightseeing pass. Tallinn offers the opportunity for delegates of international events to purchase such cards with a 10% discount. Apart from free public transport, it also gives free access to over 50 museums and attractions and discounts on sightseeing tours, activities, shops and restaurants. So it’s a real added benefit for an event delegate who wishes to experience more in Tallinn.

Visit Tallinn Convention Bureau: a trustworthy source of information

When thinking about organizing your next event in Tallinn, the Visit Tallinn Convention Bureau is a trustworthy source of information, sharing advice on meeting venues, incentive ideas, hotels, transportation, suggestions for pre-and post-conference tours and service providers. It’s a non-profit organization offering international associations and event planners information free of charge.


Visit Tallinn Convention Bureau
Kaarli pst1 / Roosikrantsi 2
Tallinn, 10119

T: +372 640 4414
E: convention@visittallinn.ee
W: www.visittallinn.ee

Event planners can find out everything about organising their events in Tallinn here.


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