Most-read interviews with revolutionaries from the meetings industry

Throughout 2022, Kongres Magazine conducted a series of interviews with meeting industry professionals from around the globe who shared their thoughts on the restart of the meetings industry and emerging digital landscapes. They explained how the meetings industry tremendously impacts society in tumultuous times.

Below are the most-read interviews of 2022.


Dan Rivlin: “Our industry leadership should condemn the Russian government’s invasion”

Dan Rivlin shared his outlook on the war in Ukraine, and how the meetings industry might be affected.


Stefan Kozak: “The current situation has shown us that the power of humanity is really strong”

Stefan shared his advice for newcomers in the meetings industry and expressed his opinion on the future of events.


Zsolt Kassai: “Creating value and long-lasting experiences inspires me the most”

Kongres Magazine talked to Zsolt Kassai, General Manager of Special Effects International.


Maja Babic: “New technologies will play a crucial role in the development of the industry”

Maja Babic shared her greatest achievements in the meetings industry and expressed her opinion on the future of events.


Nadin Kenderesy: “The key challenge of the future is hybridisation”

Nadin Kenderesy shared her advice for newcomers in the meetings industry.


Dada Jerovšek: “We want to witness a change from not working at all to working 24/7”

Kongres Magazine chatted with Dada Jerovšek, Owner & Marketing Manager at Kaval Group.


Marko Ertl: “We hope to create momentum to experience a full season of events”

Kongres Magazine talked to Marko Ertl, Co-Founder and Director of Wrapstars.


Bohdana Jelemenska: “Not everything can be replaced by the online and virtual world”

Bohdana Jelemenska explained why Bratislava stands out from other European capitals in her interview.


Mirjana Resner: “Live events provide the best way to show a destination”

Mirjana Resner shared her recommendations for young talents in the industry.


Malgorzata Przygorska-Skowron: “Congresses should continue to have the power to change destinations”

Interview with Malgorzata Przygorska-Skowron, Manager of Krakow Convention Bureau.

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