Photo Credit: Ljubljana Tourism

This winter, Ljubljana will be enrichened by a festival filled with love for the premier time. The romantically-oriented LUV Fest will invite visitors to embark on a journey across Ljubljana’s culture, art and heritage. The festival begins on Prešeren Day, 8 February, and will symbolically conclude on St. Gregory’s Day on 12 March, the celebration of spring.

Ljubljana awaits visitors with a charming old town, the picturesque embankments of the Ljubljanica river, and the medieval castle that towers over the city, serving views of the Alpine peaks. This may sound like a scene from a romantic movie. LUV fest, a new festival prepared by Ljubljana Tourism, will draw inspiration from the romantic image of the Slovenian capital, connecting love, art and wandering.

A lively atmosphere even in the off-season

As Ljubljana Tourism has announced, locals and visitors will be able to enjoy the special ambience of the city for almost an entire month. Thus, they will get acquainted with the unique stories of Ljubljana on guided tours and create unforgettable memories attending concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events. In addition, they will participate in creative workshops and indulge in culinary masterpieces. The entire event will be imbued with love and romance.

Photo Credit: Ljubljana Tourism

Reducing seasonality in tourism

With LUV Fest, Ljubljana Tourism will implement a strategy to reduce seasonality in Ljubljana’s tourism. They have already made the first steps: the culinary festival November Gourmet Ljubljana enlivened Ljubljana in November. The goal of the LUV Fest is thus to position Ljubljana as a must-visit destination in February and March. It will bring a livelier atmosphere to the city for its residents.

Find out more about Ljubljana Tourism here.


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