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On Thursday, 12 January 2023, The Slovene Association of Conference Interpreters will commemorate their 50th anniversary with a ceremonial symposium at the Brdo Congress Center. The association will award Milojka Popović the title of an honorary member for special merits in the field of training and education of conference interpreters. Jasmina Markič, Helena Blatnik Hauzler and Jana Veber will receive awards for their contribution to paving the way for Slovenian conference interpreters and raising the reputation of the interpreting profession.

At the international symposium, esteemed speakers from five countries will discuss burning topics in the field of conference interpreting, including effects in light of the far-reaching changes caused by the pandemic. One of the speakers will be Haris Ghinos, Vice President of AIIC – The International Association of Conference Interpreters. He will delve into remote work and his experience as the group leader for the preparation of the ISO 23155 standard. Joining him will be researcher Bianca Prandi from the University of Innsbruck, who will present computer-aided interpreting.


The (Un)discarded Cloak of Invisibility

Michelle Hof, who teaches conference interpreting at La Laguna University in Spain and MCI Glendon in Canada, will discuss the importance and role of continuous training and her role as the Field Coordinator for Conference Interpreting at AIIC. Frédéric Pirotte, Head of the Technical Compliance Unit at the Directorate-General for Interpretation (DG SCIC), will discuss online conference interpretation. Among local speakers, Gorazd Čad will present the current situation in the field of event organisation and sustainable transformation, and Barbara Krajnc will focus on the importance of a personal brand.


The symposium will end with a round table on the profile of conference interpreters today and tomorrow. Michelle Hof and Haris Ghinos will be joined by Amalija Maček from the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Ljubljana. The Department is the only Slovenian program cooperating with the European Masters in Conference Interpreting network. The fourth member of the roundtable will be Marjana Rupnik, head of the Slovenian group at the Directorate-General for Interpretation. Although it is a professional symposium, the whitepapers will appeal to a wide range of listeners from the field of language professions as well as clients and users of conference interpreting services.

In line with the symposium’s central topic, conference interpreters are almost always invisible. The commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of ZKTS will also provide a special opportunity to learn more about conference interpreters and their work. Above all, attendees will learn how conference interpreters respond to the challenges brought about by the rapid development of technology.

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