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A testing ground for all things innovation

Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the largest meeting and event industry organisation worldwide, announced its agenda for the European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC), purposefully designed to foster European business development.

EMEC was founded on three strategic pillars – designed by and for Europeans, serving as an incubator for ideation and infusing local flavour. Relying on that foundation, EMEC seeks to rethink and unlearn traditional event planning practices, making it critical for both the advancement of the industry in general and most specifically the European business events community.

Recognized globally with multiple industry awards for its format, EMEC features three hands-on Learning Journey Experiences for attendees, each focused on a select area of business. They span the skills development gamut including sustainable, local food practices at Ridgeview Winery; perfecting the human meeting space with Creative Director, Robert Dunsmore, that amplifies the Brighton art scene; and creating sales mastery in an increasingly digital world with author and expert, Ciara Feely.

“This event, and its purposefully unorthodox formats, creates a unique blend of networking, education and development.”

“EMEC Brighton has been in the planning stages for three years, since our last in-person event in Sevilla, Spain,” said Drew Holmgreen, Chief Brand Officer at MPI. “This event, and most specifically its purposefully unorthodox formats like the learning journeys, create a unique blend of networking, education and hands-on skill development with a heavy reliance on the destination. It’s something participants really cannot experience elsewhere, and we’re thrilled to bring the opportunity once again to so many.”

Each day will feature focused plenaries and breakout sessions with a mixture of both hard- and soft-skill development, the key to the advancement of industry professionals. Lending to the discussion will be James Taylor and Alison Burns, Co-Founders of The Ethical Futurists. Their plenary is devoted to exponential technologies such as AI, the metaverse and extended reality, which are revolutionising event experiences and making way for
new, disruptive business models emerge nearly instantaneously.

“EMEC is our testing grounds for all things innovation,” said Jessie States, Vice President of the MPI Academy. “This highly visual, interactive presentation prepares delegates to harness the power of a new era while reinforcing the importance of the human dynamic.”

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“MPI and IMEX Group have collaborated and partnered together for more than 20 years,” said Suzanne Mulligan, Engagement Strategist at IMEX and Co-Chair of EMEC Brighton. “Talks of EMEC taking place in Brighton began long ago and we’re quite excited to showcase the strength of the industry through this amazing and unique event, hosted in our own backyard.”

Another critical component of EMEC Brighton is its incorporation of industry associations. MPI has further established global connections through its peers, including ICCA, IAEE, SITE, IACC, CityDNA, IAPCO and, strategic partner, IMEX Group, whose headquarters is located in Brighton.

EMEC takes place 26-28 March in the vibrant seaside city of Brighton, UK, a destination that offers ease of access from locations globally and was noted recently as the hippest city in the world. Brighton is a hotspot for creativity and innovation, and EMEC programming infuses the local influence throughout the attendee experience.

Updates on specific programming and education will be shared on the event website at: www.mpi.org/emec.