What really works in marketing and why

Every year, we conduct an extensive survey called KONGRES BAROMETER on the most pressing topics in the meetings industry. This year, our readers unanimously chose the topics of MARKETING, SALES, AND SOCIAL MEDIA.

Through an in-depth survey, we identified which marketing activities are worth your investment in 2023, which trends will shape the future of the industry, and proposed solutions for overcoming the greatest challenges in marketing and sales.


Data was collected through a questionnaire consisting of 39 questions. The sampling frame was Kongres Magazine’s database of meeting planners and social networks. The survey ran from October to December 2022.

Our survey was conducted with the help of 265 event organisers from 29 countries. We sought answers to the topical question of what really works in marketing and why.


Key take-aways from the research

1. Brand is what you share, not sell

Gen Z now makes up 40% of all global consumers and holds earnings of about $7 trillion. Sharing and co-creation have long been associated with the Z generation.

2. Content is still king

The digital beast is immensely hungry for good content. We need to integrate content marketing into all marketing processes today. Content is a prerequisite for the success of sales and marketing activities.

3. Take back your data

Think about how you manage your data. It is your biggest asset, alongside your content. Think about all the touch points where you can capture data.

4. Omnichannel Experience

Virtually everyone uses multichannel, but few provide a unified user experience across all channels. This is the heart of modern marketing and sales.

5. Tik Tok is The Trend

After six years, the short video app has leapfrogged its competitors and established itself as a leading platform in brand marketing too. Consider how you can integrate it into your marketing mix.

6. Artificial intelligence

2023 will be a pivotal year for AI in the creative industries. Microsoft plans to invest around $10 billion in OpenAI. ChatGPT can answer questions, write poetry, and even program. Google’s alternative is called LaMDA.

7. What we can measure, we can improve

Monitoring website traffic, visitor behaviour and user experience help you make the right business decisions based on data from various analytics tools.

8. Zero Bullshit

As far as sustainability is concerned, stick to the zero-bullshit philosophy. This means open-source communication, clear goals and a transparent pledge.

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