Photo Credit: Grega Valančič

The sports spectacle Volleyball on the Ljubljanica received two prestigious international Sporto Awards for the best sports event and the best digital communication. The project was created by Ljubljana Tourism, the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia and the Extrem agency.

The success represents exceptional international recognition of Slovenia, Ljubljana and its sports. Ljubljana Tourism received the award for the best digital communication for the video of the spectacle on its TikTok profile.

At Ljubljana Tourism, they recognised the immense potential of the project for a successful promotional campaign. They implemented the marketing campaign in cooperation with Dunking Devils Studios on the TikTok platform. The Extrem Agency ensured a unique conceptual design of the project.

M.Sc. Petra Stušek

Director of Ljubljana Tourism

“The winning combination required innovation, audacity, uniqueness and a spectacle. The event on a floating platform in the middle of the city provided a relaxed, fun and exciting network that excites young people globally. Moreover, the project helped us win two awards, contributing to the important promotion of Ljubljana, Slovenia and sports,” pointed out M.Sc. Petra Stušek, Director of Ljubljana Tourism.

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

More than 53 million views

In less than one day, more than seven million people watched the video of the spectacle on Ljubljanica on the @visitLjubljana TikTok profile, and more than 38 million in one week. By the end of last year, the post had more than 53 million views, 6.5 million likes, more than 38,000 comments and 157,000 shares. The video was saved by 444,000 users. Almost half of the viewers were from the USA, followed by Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Great Britain.

The clip was shared by world-renowned sports programming networks and platforms, including ESPN, TSN, Bleacher Report, and Whistle. The video was also shared by the official TikTok profile of the Olympics. In the same month, Ljubljana Tourism launched an additional video of the spectacle in response to a follower’s comment. The latter became the most viewed clip on @visitljubljana’s TikTok profile. The post has recorded over 73 million views, 3.2 million likes and over 8,000 comments.

The video helped Ljubljana gain incredible recognition. According to an estimate, the value of the campaign exceeds 1,000,000 EUR. The outstanding numbers prove that a successfully used social media platform can be an excellent recipe for strengthening a brand’s reputation and international visibility.

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