Photo Credit: Creative Pro Group

Recognised as Slovakia’s pioneering creative event agency, Creative Pro Group recently created an original award concept that carries the DNA of its client. The unique NFT award carried innovation in all aspects of its design. NFT is a symbol of the award of the new era of so-called non-fungible tokens.

The unique digital items, NFTs, have already become quite popular globally, especially among the young generation, but are less known in Slovakia.

Photo Credit: Creative Pro Group

Connecting the art world and the digital realm

The NFT was created from the statue of the Muse, which has been awarded as part of the Tatra banka Foundation Art Award for 25 years. The statue was digitally divided into 250 pieces and formed a mosaic. Each of the awarded employees received a one-piece. To execute the project, they created the user experience of the giveaway journey by building a web application which mints NFTs to the Solana blockchain, allowing employees to get their unique NFT and put it into their crypto wallet.

Creative Pro Group thus connected the world of art with the digital world, inspiring and educating employees. Alongside the positive feedback from the employees, this project inspired Tatra banka to hold a series of workshops regarding blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFTs for its employees.

In case someone obtains all 250 NFTs of the mosaic, Tatra banka will award them with a real-life statue of the Muse. NFT is part of the digital age, fits the brand image and supports the innovative initiatives of Tatra banka in the perception of its employees. The captivating mosaic of the NFT supported the claim that great things can happen when working together. CREATIVE PRO created this outstanding project in cooperation with VISA and B-t lab.

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This article was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic.

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