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Tallinn City Council adopted new waste management regulations at its Thursday session, one of the aims of which is to switch to reusable cutlery at public events in Tallinn.

As the European Green Capital, the city also wants to implement changes to make Tallinn and its activities more environmentally sustainable. From 1 June 2023, most public events in Tallinn will be allowed to serve food and drinks only in reusable containers and to use only reusable cutlery. From 1 January 2024, the requirement will apply to all public events, regardless of size. Disposable drinking spouts, mixing sticks and cocktail garnishes that are not made of plastic (including bio-based plastic), oxidatively degradable plastic or biodegradable plastic will be allowed.

Joosep Vimm, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, said that the switch to the re-use requirement will significantly reduce the environmental footprint of events. “As a result, there will be tonnes of waste avoided. We should move towards the longest possible life of products and reuse opportunities in all sectors. This is just one step, but an important one for the environment,” added Vimm.

Photo Credit: Tallinn Convention Bureau, Kaupo Kalda

The aim of the switch to reusable containers is to improve people’s environmental awareness of waste, reduce the amount of waste and litter generated at public events and promote circular economy business models by creating demand for reuse systems. Reducing waste generation will also reduce the amount of waste released into the environment (including the marine environment) and contribute to the objectives of the Tallinn Waste Management Plan 2022-2026.

From 1 January 2024, only reusable containers and cutlery will be allowed to serve food and drink at public events throughout Estonia. In addition, a directive is being developed in the European Union to phase out the use of single-use containers for food and drink sold as co-packaging in the catering sector. The ban on single-use containers and cutlery at public events in Tallinn will make it easier for the catering sector to switch to reusable containers and cutlery in the future.

At public events, the use of only reusable containers will become mandatory for one day of attendance at public events with fewer than 30 000 visitors from 1 June 2023, and for one day of attendance at public events with 30 000 visitors and more from 1 January 2024. The City of Tallinn is in contact with the organizers of events with 30 000 visitors and more this year to ensure that they also adopt additional waste reduction measures.

The Tallinn Waste Management Code is an important implementing act implementing the Tallinn Waste Plan 2022-2026 adopted in 2022.


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