Photo Credit: Comenius University

Hotspots for scientific and academic conferences

Several faculties across Bratislava boast charming aulas where meeting planners can now host their events. Set within institutions where scholarly knowledge and critical thinking govern, the aulas provide a unique setting for a broad selection of events. The venues have become hotspots for several scientific and academic conferences, which have been organised in Bratislava lately.

The aula of the University of Economics in Bratislava

The building was completed with the support of the government in 2008 as the most modern auditorium in Central Europe and has hosted many important university, social, as well as corporate and private events. It boasts a capacity of 650 people. The hall near the centre of Bratislava offers includes a meeting room and a bar for participants. The venue has become a sought-after place for conferences, lectures, presentations, congresses and seminars.

Comenius University Aula

As one of the largest aulas in Bratislava, the Comenius University Aula has hosted several renowned cultural events and gala evenings since its opening. Comenius University is the only Slovak university to be regularly ranked in the international rankings of the best universities in the world. With thirteen faculties, it offers over 800 study programmes at three levels.

Photo Credit: University of Economics Bratislava

The aula at the Bratislava Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Among the numerous university aulas in Bratislava, the largest one is home to the Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Its spacious design can capacitate up to 950 attendees. Aula Maxima boasts exceptional acoustics and with its elevated stage provides variable possibilities for organising events.

The ceiling of the auditorium “celebrates science” with the largest painting in Slovakia (300m2). The author of the Celebration of Humanity is the artist Ladislav Gandl, who unveiled it in 1964.

Photo Credit: Technical University Bratislava

New aulas at the Faculty of Informatics by Slovak Technical University

With a total capacity of 540 seats and a stylish interior, the two aulas at the Faculty of Informatics provide space for professional lectures and events. The Big and Small Auditoriums were finished in 2015 and have since become renowned event halls.

The chairman of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic, Peter Pellegrini, expressed his belief that the new premises will help the faculty further develop: “Building such successful projects within Slovakia would make it possible to create better conditions for higher employment in individual regions of our country.”

Photo Credit: Faculty of Informatics by Slovak Technical University

With several scientific congresses poised to take place in Bratislava, it seems the university aulas have a bright future ahead. Given the trend that events must now take place in extraordinary venues, the aulas present themselves as the perfect choice.

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