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FX Agency shines at the esteemed Global Eventex Awards, securing multiple wins in five categories. The agency’s outstanding work for esteemed clients such as Top Employers Institute, Deloitte, and InHolland University impressed the jury, comprising influential figures in the events industry.

FX Agency, one of the leading agencies in the Netherlands specializing in digital events, once again ranks among the best agencies in the world. The event for client Top Employers Institute even received two Gold Awards.

Five awards for FX Agency

FX Agency participated with three cases in five categories and received the following awards:
● Gold Award: Virtual Celebration Event (Top Employers Institute)
● Gold Award: Virtual Corporate Event (Top Employers Institute)
● Silver Award: Positive Change Event (Deloitte)
● Silver Award: Event Storytelling (Deloitte)
● Bronze Award: Online Educational Event (InHolland University)

The jury evaluates each case based on several aspects and assigns a score ranging from 0 to 100 points. The platinum award represents the highest achievable score. A total of 1.600 agencies from 90 countries competed for awards in the categories of ‘Art, entertainment & public events,’ ‘Conference meetings & expos,’ ‘Corporate & community events,’ ‘Events by region,’ and ‘For good.’

“We are incredibly proud and grateful to have won awards in five categories at the Global Eventex Awards. It is an honor to be in the final, let alone to win among so many renowned agencies from all over the world,” said Niels Janssen, founder of FX Agency. “These awards recognize the hard work and creativity of our team, as well as our partners and clients. We will continue to strive to create the best digital events and innovate in this rapidly changing world.”

Gold Awards for Top Employers Institute

The case for Top Employers Institute was rewarded with a Gold Award in two different categories. And for good reason: FX Agency presented a breathtaking concept for the annual ‘Certification Celebration’ award show. After providing a fully virtual production during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 and 2022, they faced a new challenge this year. How do you create an unforgettable in-person experience for 2.000 companies spread across 121 countries?

FX Agency developed a completely new strategy and chose a hybrid approach. The concept of a late-night show served as the foundation and was streamed from Amsterdam. With five teaser videos and a communication platform, visitors were put in the mood in the weeks leading up to the event. All the elements of a
talk show were present during the event: a desk with Stacey Smith from Boom Chicago as the host, a live band, guests entering the stage through a door, four speakers, and a lot of humor. Due to the different time zones, the online event
was held three times on the same day.

After two previous editions, in-person gatherings were finally possible again this year and FX Agency didn’t want to miss that opportunity. Following the late-night show, live in-person events were held in fourteen different countries, in which every certified company could participate. A script and customized toolkit with
visuals were developed for each location. They also launched a content and activation platform, allowing all 2.000 Top Employers worldwide to generate brand awareness throughout the year with personalized communications. You can watch the complete case video here.

Silver Awards for Deloitte

The Net-Positive-Dinner, which took place in March 2022, received two Silver Awards from the jury. During this in-person event, CEO’s, supply chain experts, farmers, producers, government agencies, NGO’s, startups, and young talent from the Dutch food chain came together for a very special dinner. Initiated by the Net
Positive Network (in collaboration with Deloitte), they engaged in discussions about the future of our food system during this evening.

FX Agency supported in developing the overall experience of the dinner, from the opening to the closing. Bronze Award for InHolland University For InHolland University, FX Agency developed a custom online platform for their Open Days. This platform provided prospective students from around the world with the opportunity to attend the university’s Open Days, even if they couldn’t be physically present.

The platform offered a 3D world where students could virtually explore the campus through guided tours, attend live presentations, and receive study choice checks. The online platform of InHolland University has proven to be an innovative and effective way to reach students and help them make informed study choices, earning a Bronze Award. The Global Eventex Awards have been presented since 2009 and are a recognition of excellence and innovation in the events industry.

The awards are organized by Eventex, a leading platform for event professionals that receives thousands of submissions from around the world each year. Through these awards, Eventex aims to honor the best event agencies, companies, and professionals while raising the bar for the entire industry.

For more information visit https://fxagency.nl/.

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