(left) Stefan Kozak, Founder of CREATIVE PRO Group, (right) Aljaž Čad, Managing Partner of Creative Pro Adriatic

Ljubljana, 29 May 2023 – For nearly two decades, CREATIVE PRO Group has been writing success stories in Bratislava, Budapest, Košice, Prague and Warsaw. The distinguished event agency’s long-held vision of opening a subsidiary closer to the sea came true at the beginning of May 2023. Based in Ljubljana, CREATIVE PRO Adriatic promises to foster unrivaled experiences and create innovative communication solutions across seven countries of the Adriatic region: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania. Aljaž Čad, who previously worked at Toleranca Marketing, will take the helm of the newly-established branch.

CREATIVE PRO Adriatic, an experience-driven communication agency will commence operations in line with the high standards established by its parent company. CREATIVE PRO Group already has offices in five countries and over one hundred employees. The agency has been at the forefront of the meetings & events industry for the past two decades. Their projects have been rewarded with coveted awards, earning them the trust of leading communication for distinguished European companies. The newly-appointed Managing Partner, Aljaž Čad, will bring youthful energy to the company, coupled with the experience in event organising he gained over 6 years working at Toleranca Marketing.

With the launch of CREATIVE PRO Adriatic in Ljubljana, the group’s ambition to become one of the largest interconnected cooperating groups on the European market has become even clearer. Clients will now be able to access the group’s innovative services in ten countries. Stefan Kozak, the Founder of CREATIVE PRO Group, and Aljaž Čad, Managing Partner of Creative Pro Adriatic, presented the future vision and plans of the agency.

“We have been successfully operating in the Slovak, Czech, Polish and Hungarian markets, but to be able to truly fly, we need two wings. From the inception of our agency, we saw immense potential in countries of South-East Europe and thus sought the optimal solution to expand. We see CREATIVE PRO Adriatic as a trustworthy partner that will be the first choice for even our most demanding clients, who see events as a strategic marketing tool. To meet their expectations, we approach every project holistically by including our creative departments, animators, graphic designers, strategists and copywriters. Our concept enables us to develop creativity and enrich any event. We believe the market will recognise our approach as a novelty with added value as our events have extraordinary communicational strength that can be realised in person, digitally or virtually,” commented Stefan Kozak.

Stefan Kozak added that their mission is to create experiences that help clients touch the hearts and minds of the people they care about. Their personal approach has earned them numerous awards, including Bea World Award, Eventex Award and Conventa Best Event Award.

Creative Pro Group's new campaign "Pack for the Adriatic"

CREATIVE PRO Adriatic will offer the entire portfolio of services offered by its parent group. As the first in the region, the agency will also offer clients an original solution to calculate their event’s carbon footprint and obtain a sustainable evaluation of their event.

Aljaž Čad commented: “I was born into a family of event planners and quickly grew an interest in how brands communicate through experiences. For me, the essence of it is seeing satisfied attendees and pleased clients. I strongly believe events have the power to change the world. When fueled with a great story, supported by clever use of digital tools and packaged in a visually appealing way, they become drivers of change and breeding grounds of communities. This kind of transformative approach to event organisation is also one of CREATIVE PRO Group’s key missions. The new branch will create cutting-edge live communication campaigns with a strategic approach, along with event management, logistics and creative. In April, we formed the organisational structure for the new company and from the beginning of May, CREATIVE PRO Adriatic is fully operational and awaiting curious clients.”

The core activities of CREATIVE PRO Adriatic are:

  • Organising live events
  • Organising hybrid & virtual events
  • Content creation
  • PR communication

Find out more about CREATIVE PRO Adriatic

You can find more information about clients, references, and the project portfolio of Creative Pro Group at:

Get in touch:
Aljaž Čad, Managing Partner
Štihova ulica 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 40 384 077

CREATIVE PRO Adriatic is a new experience-driven communication agency built on 20 years of know-how and a youthful imaginative flair. Launched as part of CREATIVE PRO Group, the agency will offer innovative live, hybrid and virtual event solutions, as well as PR communication and content creation across seven countries of the Adriatic region: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania.

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