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On Saturday, 13 May 2023, Bratislava will host the European Night of Museums and Galleries, an event focusing on culture and creativity. Organised to foster the imagination of visitors and promote culture in the Slovakian capital, the 19th edition of the event will see numerous esteemed cultural institutions open their doors to guests.

The 19th edition of the European Night of Museums and Galleries in Bratislava will include guided tours, captivating educational tours, workshops, screenings, live performances, and exceptional events set to provide visitors with an exclusive museum experience.

Cultural immersion from dawn till dusk

This experience allows visitors to immerse themselves in the unique universe of a museum, gallery or other cultural institution. They can expect a day full of surprises and sometimes even magic. At dusk, guests will walk through the corridors of galleries and admire the works in a unique and original atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Visit Bratislava

From architectural exhibitions to night tours

The Nedbalka Gallery will complement its program with a curated tour in the Ukrainian language, while the University Library in Bratislava will present several architectural projects with an emphasis on the reconstruction of spas. The Bratislava City Museum will enchant guests with a night tour of the museum, where visitors will illuminate the history of the capital with their own flashlights. For history buffs, Bratislava Castle will celebrate the 306th anniversary of the birth of Maria Theresa.

Photo credit: Bratislava CVB

The Night of Museums and Galleries offers adventures in time, space and imagination to learn about secrets hidden in Bratislava’s museums, galleries and other institutions involved in the event.

The event will include over 100 museums and galleries across Slovakia, but the main happenings will take Bratislava by storm. In the Bratislava region, more than 40 museums and galleries from national institutions to smaller regional ones will welcome thousands. The Czech Center in Bratislava will thrill guests in the spirit of celebrating 100 years of radio broadcasting in Czechoslovakia.

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Implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic.


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