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A quaint refuge for travellers

Set amid lush greenery and forest streams, Kmetija Šeruga has an unmistakable appearance. Its heritage as a former rural country house is omnipresent as we stroll along the paved path to the entrance. The charming tile floors, imposing wooden beams and the central fireplace from the past century tell the story of the Šeruga family, who have lived in harmony with nature for several generations. In the past few decades, the youngest generation has transformed the estate into a quaint refuge for relishing local gastronomy, enjoying nature and learning about the local tradition. Upon our arrival, a lively congregation celebrates a special occasion, greeting us as we go along. The owners generously greet us on their estate.


Rekindling memories with traditional cuisine

Everyone is abuzz with genuine hospitality as we head to our room and await their culinary specialities, served on the outdoor terrace. Our room overlooks the surrounding forest, and below our balcony from the 19th century, fish swim idly in the water. The ambience is serene, the silence at night broken only by raindrops.

Across our terrace overlooking the surrounding greenery, guests queue to get the best table. The cutlery and plates are a play on vintage patterns, but the dishes remind guests that modern goes hand in hand with traditional here. The local red wine, cviček, synonymous with the region, is an omen that we are set for a memorable culinary journey.

In this idyllic setting, the hospitable staff serves the house specialities; mushroom soup and freshly-made bread, courtesy of the oldest member of the Šeruga family, who has perfected the craft of bread making. A rich selection of dishes, including local veal in a velvety sauce, all made according to the family recipes, delight us for the main course. A flavourful blueberry pastry tops off our evening. The Šeruga family have mastered original dishes that transport their guests into another time. As we tasted their perfectly baked bread, we experienced the madeleine moment (Proust’s effect) and travelled back in time in front of our grandparents’ oven.


Where modern meets traditional

Once a famed local mill, the estate’s oldest facility dates back to 1831. Slowly beggining to decay, the revival occurred thanks to the youthful enthusiasm of the family’s younger generations, who rekindled the spirit of the old millhouse. Now, the estate welcomes tourists who wish to distance themselves from the hustle and bustle of cities and instead reconnect with pristine nature. The estate comprises an apartment house with a dozen rooms, where the wooden elements from two centuries ago combine with modern amenities befitting any modern hotel. Recently, the estate introduced a Finnish sauna, another addition to the fast-growing estate.

Šeruga’s granary is the epitome of the estate’s metamorphosis. Once used to store grain from the mill, the family and locals used to convene here, enjoying the same bread the family still serves today. Yet, the granary soon became obsolete, losing its primary function. Luckily, the former granary was given a new lease on life. The wooden cottage transformed into a cosy apartment house for guests that cherish authentic stories and the smell of freshly-baked bread.


Advocating local produce and freshly-baked bread

The Šeruga Estate represents a perfect starting point for exploring the local sights and nature. The proximity to the nearby Otočec Castle, Novo Mesto and natural thermal baths Klevevž render it ideal for active exploration. Guests can hop onto electric bicycles they can rent at the reception and uncover the region’s secrets, including the Krka River, gleaming in its deep green hues.

Mornings at the Šeruga Farmhouse are a time for gathering as guests fill the old living room where breakfast awaits. A diverse selection of homemade products, spreads and freshly-made elderflower syrup greets guests. The Šeruga family have built their reputation on local cuisine, and unsurprisingly, gastronomy is superb. Even though the dishes have no ecological labels, it is clear that all ingredients are locally produced. The estate thus advocates the farm-to-fork concept, heralding a new era for rural tourism – with an emphasis on sustainability.


Meetings and incentives off the beaten track

Tucked away from well-trodden paths, Šeruga Farmhouse has become famed for hosting smaller family-sized gatherings and events. It can capacitate up to 50 attendees who will appreciate the heartfelt approach of all employees and the inspiring nature surrounding the venue. In addition, the estate has the potential to transform into an incentive hotspot. Event attendees can try their hand at making bread or embark on a biking journey across the nearby rolling hills.


A hidden gem frozen in time

As we left the charming farmhouse and tranquil estate, it seemed as if time had stopped for the Šeruga family. The family still upholds their cherished values and interpersonal relationships, making every guest feel at home. That is one of the reasons why the Šeruga Farmhouse and its owners have a bright future ahead: they prioritise people over profits.


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