Photo Credit: GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum 2023

The 18th edition of the Bratislava Forum was hosted in Bratislava between 29 and 31 May 2023. At the preeminent international strategic conference on the frontlines of a newly divided world, GLOBSEC’s 2023 Bratislava Forum, global leaders convened to find solutions to overcome the litany of challenges defining the changing global order.

The GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum has established itself as the most distinguished platform throughout the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. The 18th edition reminded the world that the CEE region has never been more crucial to global stability.

Against the backdrop of a slew of multifaceted challenges, senior-level stakeholders from various fields converged in Bratislava. The discussions were guided by three overarching themes: Continuing Support for Ukraine, Resilience of Europe in the Face of War and Mitigating the Global Consequences of the Conflict (economic, energy, value chains) – in a Global Dialogue.

Photo Credit: GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum 2023

1200 leaders from over 60 countries flocked to the event

The Forum organised a roster of diverse thematic side events and exclusive brainstorming sessions. It sought solutions and encouraged firm action in the most urgent crises, and helped plan long-term strategies for the future.

Among the most influential politicians, leading global think tanks, NGO experts, heads of international organisations, thinkers, and innovators, this year’s forum was attended by Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen, alongside Petr Fiala, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Edi Rama, Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania and Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament.

“We need to build something between security guarantees to Israel and full-fledged NATO membership for Ukraine,” French President Emanuel Macron said at the 2023 Globsec Forum in Bratislava.

Photo Credit: GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum 2023

Addressing immediate needs regarding geopolitical cooperation

The Bratislava Forum regularly enjoys ample international media coverage from outlets such as BBC, Euronews, AP, Financial Times, AFP, Euractiv, and Politico. Journalists from more than 30 countries and the live broadcasting of the discussions around the world ensure that the outcomes of the Forum consistently reach a global audience.

“As the war in Ukraine persists and wreaks havoc, the global community remains severely divided with the approach it must take in its regard. While Europe first showed unparalleled unity, it is now feeling the weight of problems both at home and abroad. In parallel, democracies around the world must tackle a litany of challenges, ranging from a cost of living crisis to energy disruptions. As such, Europe must demonstrate tenacity, adaptability, and resilience while maintaining strong cohesion. This year’s edition of GLOBSEC’s Bratislava Forum proudly provides a platform for leaders to meet and collaboratively work toward solutions that will help overcome this global fragility,” said Robert Vass, President of GLOBSEC.

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