Photo Credit: Skyway DMC Kazakhstan


The golden eagle is symbolic of Kazakhstan. It is a national symbol featured on the country’s flag and a remnant of Genghis Khan’s rule. Throughout Central Asia, falconry has been preserved as a tribute to ancient hunting practices. The blue flag with the golden eagle is as central to Kazakh tradition as the steppe is to the nomads.

Photo Credit: Skyway DMC Kazakhstan


Almaty is an ideal starting point for experiencing the traditional falconry unique to this region. Visiting the fascinating show of birds of prey is a unique way of understanding the hunter animals. At Sunkar Falconry Center, the experienced falconer Paul will unravel the world of these admirable animals and give you a chance to feed them. The animals include falcons, vultures and hawks, making the show a unique doorway to understanding falconry, deeply rooted in the history of the region.

Photo Credit: Skyway DMC Kazakhstan

The incentive experience is ideal for groups with up to 50 attendees. The most daring participants can even partake in bird feeding or simply admire the agility of the falcons and eagles. Given falconry is slowly decaying in areas of Kazakhstan, this show is a unique opportunity to see the practice in person.

Wow factorAdmiring the agile and deadly birds of prey
Incentive type  Active experience
Number of participants  From 5 to 30 attendees
Best time of the yearMay – September
Duration1 – 2 hours
Location Almaty, Kazakhstan

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