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Between 2 and 4 October 2023, Tuheljske Toplice in Croatia will host the 7th International Conference on Trends and Future of Tourism – Tourism 365. This year, the conference will bring together a unique blend of experts from various facets of the tourism sector. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with the best in the business.

The conference brings a series of novelties and experiences, 2 thematic workshops and socializing with the experts behind the event. It offers a great atmosphere and opportunity for networking at session breaks and evening parties, getting to know experiences of the Zagorje region and enjoying the offer of the unique Terme Tuhelj.

3 renowned speakers will take the stage this year.

Tom Jenkins – CEO, European Tourism Association (ETOA)

Tom Jenkins has been the driving force behind ETOA for over two decades, championing the interests of European tourism and ensuring its financial sustainability. Under his leadership, ETOA has grown to represent over 1,200 tour operators and suppliers from more than 50 countries.

Photo Credit: Tourism 365

Mary Novakovich – Travel writer and journalist

Mary Novakovich is an acclaimed travel journalist with a rich history of contributions to The Independent since 1998. Beyond her passions for hiking and skiing, Mary delves deep into the culture, gastronomy, and history of France, Italy, and Eastern Europe. With a special emphasis on the nations of the former Yugoslavia, she draws inspiration from her own family roots.

TikTok Special Guest

This renowned personality is set to bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to the conference. Known for their influential presence on TikTok, the conference’s mystery guest promises an engaging session filled with insights, trends, and a touch of entertainment.

Find out more about the conference taking place at the start of October here

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