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In a testament to the power of successful collaborations, BEA World Festival is thrilled to announce its renewed partnership with Krowden, a leader in event matchmaking solutions. The partnership marks a return to a winning formula that has proven successful in the past, as BEA once again leverages Krowden’s expertise to enhance the networking experience at the BEA World event.

The roots of this collaboration trace back to 2017 and 2018 when BEA successfully deployed the Krowden Event Matchmaking Software, then operating under the name NetworkTables. The partnership during those years laid the foundation for seamless event experiences, establishing a strong bond between the two entities.

The reunion of Matthijs Otto, CEO of, and Salvatore Sagone, CEO of BEA World, at The Netherlands’ prestigious De Gouden Giraffe event served as the catalyst for reigniting this successful partnership. The meeting rekindled the synergy that had driven past success, creating the perfect opportunity for BEA and Krowden to join forces once again.

The renewed partnership is set to elevate the BEA World event by introducing innovative features, including Topic-Based pre-scheduled meetings and roundtable sessions. Recognizing the evolving landscape of business events, BEA aims to provide attendees with targeted and meaningful networking opportunities that align with their specific interests and objectives.

Salvatore Sagone, CEO of BEA World, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We acknowledge the importance of pre-scheduled meetings and networking in today’s dynamic business environment. Our decision to partner with Krowden again reflects our commitment to delivering a world-class event experience.”

Photo Credit: Bea World Festival

The renewed partnership emphasizes the mutual understanding and shared commitment between BEA and Krowden. Both entities recognise the significance of fostering connections, and their collaboration is a testament to their dedication to delivering exceptional event experiences.

As BEA World approaches, the anticipation is palpable for the dynamic networking experiences that the partnership between BEA and Krowden will unfold. This collaboration reaffirms the belief that successful partnerships stand the test of time and can lead to continued innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of business events.

Learn more about the BEA World Festival here.

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