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The Vistula River is inseparable from Polish culture, history and national identity. It is the quintessential water route, synonymous with Poland itself. Its spring comes up from the earth in the Barania Gora mountains at 1220 metres of altitude, in the south of Poland, in the Silesian Beskids mountain range. The westernmost part of the Carpathian Mountains is famed for its lush forests and scenic hillsides. This natural backdrop propelled tourism and gained further international spotlight as the birthplace of Adam Małysz, Poland’s most successful ski jumper. Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla sits in Wisla in Czarne district. It is just a few kilometres from the Czernianskie Lake, surrounded by ski resorts and winding mountain trails. The Adam Małysz Ski Jumping Hill, which gave the city world fame, is near, too. The hotel is close enough to all landmarks of the Beskids mountain range yet isolated from the city centre to give guests peace and tranquillity. Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla was revamped by the Platan Group, a Warsaw-based hotel group that owns another Aries hotel in Zakopane and a slew of apartments in the village of Krynica-Zdrój.

Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla


The easiest way to reach the Beskids is by car. One of the motorways leading there connects Katowice and Žilina in Slovakia. After turning at the village of Bielsko-Biala, you will need roughly an hour to reach the heart of the Beskids. The largest international airport in the vicinity is Katowice-Pyrzowice, some 120 kilometres away. You will need around an hour and a half from there. There are great train connections to Katowice, while stopovers are unavoidable when travelling to cities like Warsaw. On the other hand, Wisla is well-connected by bus, a reliable choice of public transport and an alternative to car travel. The hotel has a spacious parking lot in front, capable of capacitating even larger groups. To the delight of e-vehicle owners, the parking lot is dotted with electric charging stations. Guests can also rent e-bikes. Our recommendation is to traverse the abundant surrounding mountain trails on foot or head to the centre of Wisla on foot, four kilometres away.

Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla

COLD STARTER - Architecture and aesthetics

The hotel’s predecessor was a children’s summer house built in the fifties, which later became the well-frequented Malinka mountain house. The proportions of the iconic original buildings served as the foundation for the new one. Although the exterior architecture does not stand out from its surroundings, it beautifully interprets the veduta of the mountainous valley and the architectural tradition of the Beskids. Architects went the extra mile to use typical building materials – predominantly stone, wood and ornaments typical of the region. These details turn heads in the incredibly photogenic staircase amid the hotel garden. The style forms a superb mountainous hotel that even more illustrious outposts would never shy away from. The interior is sublime, too, keeping on the right side between elegance and kitsch. A few handpicked elements, such as the old gondola cabin in the lobby, the authentic photos of skiing in Beskids and attention to detail, best exemplified by handwoven carpets, make all the difference. Only the generic replicas of retro ski resort posters protrude oddly from the pleasant ambient. Generally, though, the hotel is incredibly well-designed and balanced. We believe guests will feel natural here and feel the spirit of the Beskids.

Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla

WARM ENTRÉE - The staff and the culinary experience

The professionalism of the staff can rival the best global hotels. We would have needed to search painstakingly for a flop or indiscretion to find something, yet we did not need to. The authentic service comes with an eye for detail, resulting in excellent tidiness across the hotel. We could write an essay on the hotel’s gastronomy. To summarise, they are ambassadors of modern Polish cuisine. When dining in Polka Restaurant take our advice and taste the Silesian Sour Rye Soup, alongside the must-have stag and beef tartare. The menu is short and sweet, with an accompanying extensive wine list. The latter includes super Polish wines, although the country may not be a world-renowned winemaking powerhouse. Breakfast followed suit, with a part of the offer dedicated to regional specialities and tasty meat delicacies. The rest of the dishes were on a five-star level as well. The management could consider an a la carte menu to elevate the experience. We cannot overlook the hotel bar serving delicious cocktails. What we tasted and drank reaffirmed our belief that Polish cuisine is unduly overlooked and underrated.

Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla

MAIN COURSE – The meetings offering at the hotel

Hotel rooms

We are convinced many fascinated guests blurt out OMG when entering the room. There are several reasons for the wow impression, one being the warmth provided by the exceptional illumination and interior. The architects evolved the concept of an Alpine chalet with many local details and the omnipresent interpretation of the Aries constellation. The wooden carvings are all designed to portray the mentioned constellation. Even the lights and massive stone counter in the bathroom bear the same design. One of the highlights of the room is the floor that exudes prestige. What caught our eye was a large sun-shaped wooden painting made from carved wood. We were most impressed by the Hypnos bed, the same brand the English royal family uses. Other furniture pieces resemble retro luggage cases. The architects, in line with their tasteful approach, did not cross the line between Alpine kitsch and slick design, courtesy of spruce wood that adorns the shelves in the bathroom and details in the room. You will sleep well in this spacious room. Each room has its flair, which makes recurring stays a memorable experience. We tried the Premier Double room with a most welcome terrace.

Meetings centre

The hotel became a hit among organisers of teambuilding, incentives and corporate events. It offers the perfect combination of comfort, additional offer and high quality of service. Moreover, it boasts an impressive collection of incentive ideas, the most popular being the Podium Run simulation track, alongside other active experiences in pristine nature. The conference space is hidden in the Orangerie, which can be organised into three smaller halls, each accommodating up to 50 attendees. The exclusive space seems like a living room, thanks to the furniture. To top it off, the hotel also features a dance floor with lighting. It is no surprise wedding organisers have discovered the hotel, who cherish the offer as much as corporate companies.

Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla
Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla

DESSERT – The extras

The hotel spa is spotlighted even in the name of the hotel. After a long event, the attendees will undoubtedly appreciate some relaxation, especially the outdoor jacuzzi, where they can enjoy the burble of the Visla River and the calming sight of spruce trees.

Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla


If we must criticise the hotel, we have a remark regarding the waiting time in the hotel bar. Even though guests may have more time when on vacation, the staff in the bar could serve with a bit more positive energy and a tad faster.


If you believe Polish cuisine is dull, you are mistaken. Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla will convince you otherwise. Both the wine list and menu are extraordinary, prepared by the star chef Magda Gessler, who is also a judge in Masterchef Poland, a painter and a Polish celebrity. Once you have tasted the menu, you will understand why Magda is such a local hero.


During our stay, we did not come across any sustainable initiatives. The hotel seems not to advocate them yet. Regardless, the cuisine can be labelled sustainable, not least because the dishes are local and support the development of the Polish culinary revolution.

Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla


Mountain hotels have become a mainstay in Poland, especially in the southern part of the country. Yet, some stand out from the crowd. We believe one of them is Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla. Its superb architecture, cuisine, staff and overall image make it a rare hotel find. Thumbs up!

The hotel is a pure-blooded incentive hotel. Guests who cultivate an affection for design-oriented hotels will appreciate the ingenious architectural solutions, the filigree details and the quality materials. There is no reason why event attendees would not feel at home in this hotel. To boot, renting a hall here is highly affordable by European standards.

Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla

FINAL GRADE: 4.93 THREE MEETING STARS⭐⭐⭐Resort Meeting Hotel 

3 MEETING STARS⭐⭐⭐ final score from 4.81 to 5.00
2 MEETING STARS⭐⭐ final score from 4.61 to 4.80
1 MEETING STAR⭐ final score from 4.41 to 4.60

OPEN FROM December 2016
MEETINGS STAR Resort Meeting Hotel
STANDARD Hotel with conference facilities
NUMBER OF ROOMS 89 rooms (including 14 suites)
INTERNET PRICE142 – 184 EUR (single use) / Booking, May 2024
ADDRESS:Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla
Ul. Czarne 3
Wisla, Poland

T: 48 344 440 444

  • Orangerie with conference capacities
  • Polka Restaurant
  • Hotel Bar
  • Greenhouse Aries
  • Aries Spa
  • Summer garden for events
  • Fitness
SPECIALS Greenhouse Aries has a distinct charm and provides exclusiveness, accommodating only eight participants who can indulge in superb cuisine and tasting menus. The venue is ideal for premium meetings. Umami with a view!
Photo: Aries Hotel & Spa Wisla
1. LOCATION 4.95
4. LOBBY5.00
6.  RECEPTION 4.99
7.  HOTEL ROOM 4.98
8.  HOTEL BED 5.00
TOTAL:   4.93


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