Photo Credit: Warsaw Convention Bureau

Warsaw has been selected to host the world’s largest conference for heritage researchers, organized by the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS), scheduled for 2028. This decision was made during the last ACHS conference held from June 3-6, 2023, in Galway, Ireland.

The Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw, including the newly established UNESCO Chair for Public and Global Processes of Cultural Heritage Management, will serve as the host for this prestigious event. The ACHS conference held biennially in different locations around the world, attracts around 600 delegates globally and will be hosted in Poland for the first time.

Warsaw’s candidacy was supported by numerous individuals and institutions, including Dr. Hab. Hanna Schreiber from the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, who previously coordinated the ACHS’s Intangible Heritage (ICH) Researchers Network for four years. The Polish delegation that presented Warsaw’s candidacy also included Andrzej Jakubowski from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Monika Stobiecka from the Faculty of Artes Liberales at the University of Warsaw, and Paweł Mrowiński from the Promotion Office of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Photo Credit: Canva/Pexels

A platform for industry discussions

Dr. hab. Hanna Schreiber emphasized the conference’s significance as a platform for vigorous discussions and the sharing of insights into heritage studies. The event in Warsaw will be organized by Symposium Cracoviense.

The efforts to secure this event for Poland were also supported by the Warsaw Convention Bureau/Warsaw Tourism Organization and the Polish Tourism Organization/Poland Convention Bureau, highlighting their commitment to promoting Warsaw as a center for scientific and cultural meetings on the international stage.

Source: Poland Convention Bureau

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