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    Professional online event platform for Fortune 500 companies

    Our offer

    Confiva is not made only for online events. We know that the future is bringing new shapes of events. The future is HYBRID and we are here to support your needs online and offline. We are open to your inquiries.
    General information
    Offer valid from 01/04/2021 to 31/12/2021
    Top 5 features: - Secured invitation link – 1 link 1 device
    - Parallel stages
    - Networking
    - Sponsorship integration (gamification, iframe integration, video and document distribution)
    - Local support
    What we can do for you: We offer an end to end solution. Besides the platform, our team of event experts guide you through the whole event processing, help you set the right KPIs and arrange event production so your event looks professional. Besides that, we strive to give you local support in the native language so our conversation runs smoothly.
    What's new: Confiva offers all the important features of a live event. We didn't forget about a possible revenue stream related to sponsorships where you have a possibility for various white-label engagements. Besides that, we work on your networking experience as people on events want to connect and explore new business opportunities.
    Contact information
    Company / Agency name: Confiva Global, the best online event experience, d.o.o.
    City: Ljubljana
    Postal / Zip Code: 1000
    Country: Slovenia
    Website: www.confiva.com
    Contact person: Jaka Gornik
    A long-time meetings industry addict, Gorazd is the Founder and owner of marketing and event agency Toleranca Marketing. He has many years of experience in planning, preparing and carrying out large international meetings and exhibitions. As the founder of the "Power to the Meetings" methodology, he still firmly believes in the power of live events and human to human communication. He is also the author of numerous articles and editor-in-chief of the meetings industry magazine Kongres Magazine.