The ESPA Innovation Award recognises the best and most innovative ideas and services in the health & spa industry. The goal is to award those, who developed new, more effective, and sustainable approaches in spa destinations, hotels, medical centres and health resorts, as well as new spa programmes, concepts, products and scientific research.


Oscars of the Health and Spa Industry awarded

WINNERS OF THE ESPA INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 ANNOUNCED On 22 September 2022, the ESPA Innovation Award competition came to a grandiose close. The winners in 8...

The celebration of innovation in the spa industry

It's time... ... to present your innovative ideas in the spa industry to health tourism experts from 20 European countries and the international press, who...

Innovative ideas in the spa industry are getting a voice

Awarding the best and most innovative ideas and services in the spa industry The ESPA Innovation Award is an annual competition organised by the European...

ESPA is inviting you to enter their annual competition

Celebrating innovation and excellence in the spa industry The European Spas Association is calling for entries for their annual competition. The ESPA Innovation Award recognises...

Why should you register your project?

If you believe your project deserves to be recognised as a good practice case in the European health & spa industry, here are 5 good reasons to enter in 2022:

  1. Gaining broad international recognition and significant market visibility
  2. The opportunity to attend the annual gala awards ceremony
  3. Meeting other innovators and industry leaders
  4. Showcasing your award-winning innovation to international media
  5. Promoting your innovation by using the ESPA Innovation Award badge

Deadline for applications is 3 September 2022.


Meet the jury of acclaimed industry experts

Gunnlaugur K. Jónsson

Gunnlaugur K. Jónsson has been ESPA´s First Vice President since 2008. He is the President of Nature Health association of Iceland (NHAI), founded in 1937 by his great-grandfather, Dr. Med. Jónas Krisjánsson who established NHAI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic/SPA in Hveragerði/Iceland (HNLFÍ) in 1955. Since then, HNLFÍ has mainly serviced the Icelandic Health Authorities but in recent years, in growing numbers, also foreign and domestic customers/paitents.

Silvia Giannini

Silvia’s career is directed to responsibility and distinctive projects for commercial and business activities, mostly SPA and Thermal areas, for which she is considered one of the leading experts in Italy. Her studio also develops projects for Hotel and Fitness, in and outside of Italy. She is a teacher in master “Design for Wellness & SPA” for – Milan, her work link design and functionality with marketing and strategical aspects, to support investors, businessmen, management in identifying new business opportunities, with innovative projects.

Csilla Mezősi

Csilla Mezösi has been the Secretary General of ESPA since 2018 and a member of the Board in the European Spa Association since 2002. She has 15 years of tourism management expertise in Europe’s largest outgoing tourism market and 5 years of experience working in the field of medical tourism. She was a member of the Board and Co-Organiser of the 2nd European Health Tourism Congress and a strategic advisor for regional development for many spa cities.

Siyka Katsarova

Siyka Katsarova has been the Vice President of the European Spas Association since 2016. She is one of the founders of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and spa tourism – BUBSPA and its President since 2018. Siyka has 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry of Bulgaria, devoting the last 13 years to the development of the Bulgarian and European health tourism sector. She was also a key expert of the working group that created the national regulatory frame in the field of wellness tourism in Bulgaria.

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