At the end of a 15-minute stroll from Ljubljana’s Old Town can be found an astounding industrial building that is today home to the Railway Museum. Formerly serving as the mechanical workshop for steam trains, the building is home to an amazing collection of steam trains that can no longer be seen operating on the tracks. With its unique and fascinating history, the building represents a perfect ‘off the beaten track’ venue for your next event. The Railway Museum found its home just 15 minutes from Ljubljana’s Old Town and right behind the Union Brewery.

Modna hiša/Fashion house

The Fashion House, Ljubljana’s former fashion monument, was bought by Union Hotels at the beginning of this year and is a place where new, fresh and creative stories will from now on be created. The specialty of the house is its several levels and multiplicity of spaces that allow each event to be set in a different, unique environment, offering a new experience for all attendees. The new location for the Ljubljana scene is of special importance, but to understand the whole story we need to wind the clock back to the year of 1961, when in December the house actually first opened its doors…


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